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Mary Young



Lynnwood, WA 98037
Lynnwood, WA 98037
United States
T: 877-487-7724
F: 776-8288


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Mary R. Young D.D. CHt, and Reiki Master


Spiritize is all about serving others spiritually, mentally and 5th dimensionally to heal every aspect of someone's life. This healing work is a wholistic approach to total well being for Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body and the Energy body. To do this I use a combination of modalities all of which I am advanced with. Each session is tailored to the individual after a comprehensive review. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanic trance, Reiki, SHY, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound, and Angel/Guides consultation are utilized.

Profile and Credentials        

Mary Young Doctor of Divinity, Cht, and Reiki Master is board certified and registered with the State of Washington for Hypnotherapy, Counseling and Reiki. Mary's Reiki lineage is via William Rand who is the head of the International Center for Reiki training. She took her training from a Reiki Master who took from William Rand. Mary is also a level 5 in the S.H.Y. Spiritual Human Yoga movement started by Master Dang. This method of healing is an off-shoot of Tibetan Bon. Mary is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.

Philosophy and Comments        

All healing is a process of calling in the Universal energy/ God and directing it where needed. The person who needs healing does this work as much as the facilitator, and each person's higher self KNOWS what is the spiritual lesson of the health issue. As a healer, I am there to give the compassion, light, love and peaceful center to the person who needs it, and then getting out of the way and letting the person do their healing as I send more energy and intention for healing into their energy field. I am a hypnotherapist and trance specialist and I am good at it! I have many years of successful experience dealing with all kinds of issues. Some of the biggest being smoking cessation, weight loss, depression, abuse, and life extension work for MS, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and over exposure to Chemicals/toxins in the environment. Why do I say that I am good at it trance work? Not because the great folks who come to see me say so, but because I do this work as my mission to help others advance here. I also am a Shamanic trance worker and can help folks with soul and spirit issues.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Session hours are Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 4:00. Most sessions run for 1 hour. The fee is 65.00, however for those who need life extension/ get me to remission work, it is $45.00 an hour as this is an area of special calling for me and a service I do with my whole heart. I can be contacted toll free at 1-877-487-7724 or if you are local to the Seattle area 206-799-8204. WWW.SPIRITIZE.COM for more information. I reserve the right to not offer services based on a screening phone conversation.





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