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Mary Miltenberger



14701 Smouse's Mill Rd. NE
Cumberland, Md 21502
United States
T: 1-866-724-9110
F: 301-724-2647


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Terra Angelica Wellness Education Center


Mind-Body-Spirit ,Nutritional Counseling, Essential Oil Therapy, Magnetic & FarInfared therapy,Detoxing and Spiritual Counseling. Body Talk and Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Remote Depossessions.

Profile and Credentials        

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Body Talk Practitioner, Essential Oil Training and many other complementary trainings.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Wellness of the person is dependent upon the balance of the mind, body, and spirit. It is not enough to restore balance, we must be able to sustain it on a daily basis. It is a continual learning experience that keeps us well in our toxic environment. I have been on this path for 30 years and am contantly amazed at the new discoveries that are teaching us how to maintain our balance.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$ 30-50.00 per session. Hours by appointment only. Weekends and evenings are available as well as regular hours. Remote Depossessions are $150.00 and you will not be present but will receive a tape and written report of the session which will include what parts of your body and spirit were healed by the Angels. These sessions are for people who have addictions, major illness, relationship problems, difficult children, etc.





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