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Susan Courtney



London and Kent, England
T: 08700 767015
F: 08701 380599




Susan Courtney


I practice as a holistic, healing psychotherapist, counsellor, and personal life coach, and train fellow professionals in Europe and North America in Energy Psychology and Meridian Therapies techniques.

Clients come to me seeking change: changing for the better in heart and mind, body and soul. Sometimes that means addressing symptoms to help people relieve emotional pain and fears, manage difficult emotions such as grief and anger, recover from trauma and abuse, control addictions, cravings and sensitivities, manage pain and stress, resolve inner conflict, improve difficult relationships, release limiting beliefs, increase self-esteem, or enhance performance in work, sports, or the arts. Others seek even deeper levels of change, learning to release mental blocks and emotional barriers to spontaneity, intimacy and emotional freedom, to live life to the full and feel great!

Therapists train with me to reclaim their excitement in the stimulus of all there is to learn about the psyche, about our clients, and about ourselves, to discover new, even more successful and satisfying ways to help people to change themselves and their lives, and to renew their pleasure in sharing friendships with colleagues, in a safe haven where learning can take place in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, in the accepting community of fellow energy healers, supporting each other in growth.

It is my great satisfaction in life to connect with you in a therapeutic or training relationship of acceptance and respect and help you to change yourself, your life, and your work.

Please email me or phone me to hear my voice, get a feel for the person behind these words, and to arrange a meeting in which we can both explore how I can best support you in changing your personal and professional life to live more authentically, successfully and joyfully.

Profile and Credentials        

My academic, personal and professional life has been filled with the pursuit of personal growth and therapeutic change for myself and my clients.

My original professional training in Transactional Analysis has been much expanded by experience and training in psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, experiential psychotherapy, Focusing, Integrative Psychosynthesis, past life therapy, and Energy Psychology, where I have trained with the leading developers in the field in EFT, TFT, BSFF, TAT, Seemorg Matrix Work, EmoTrance, Inner Child-Inner Parent Resolution work, Integrative States Therapy, and many other approaches.

I am especially devoted to healing trauma, working with dissociation, and clearing harmful energetic interferences.

I currently serve as director and trainer for The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, trainer for the Institute for Meridian-based Psychotherapy, Counselling & Coaching, European Regional Co-ordinator for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and Chair of the European Energy Psychology Conference.

My articles have appeared in Caduceus Journal, Addictions Today, The Journal of the Institute of Stress Management, The AMT Yearbook, London and SouthEast Connections, and The Natural Health Directory. I speak and present continuing education training classes at conferences in Europe and North America. My work with weight-loss clients has been profiled in Shape and Elle magazines and The Daily Express.

Philosophy and Comments        

Sometimes our most transformative changes come from first learning to accept ourselves as we are, connecting with the depths of our being and soul. It is that level of change which has been my lifelong passion. Any time we say ‘No’ to reality, whether internal or external, we block the free flow of our life energy and exclude ourselves from the healing power of our connection with ourselves, with others and with the Whole. In my work as a holistic, healing psychotherapist, I use Energy Psychology methods because they are the most gentle, effective and empowering way to support and enable change. I teach these techniques to my clients so they can have help in their own hands whenever it is needed.

I love to share these approaches with other professionals to enable them, too, to discover new ways to make our work even more effective, more fresh and alive, the results more deeply life-changing and empowering, the process even more satisfying for us and for our clients.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Harley Street, London
Thursdays 8am - 6pm
£70 for 50 minutes of therapy or coaching

Tonbridge, Kent
Tuesday - Wednesday
9am - 8pm
£45 for 50 minutes

I also offer telephone appointments (£45) for those who cannot make the journey to work face-to-face.

Trainings are offered over weekends. Residential trainings are currently held at a comfortable retreat centre in the Cotswolds, near Stratford-upon-Avon, and are priced at $295 including accommodation and meals. Non-residential trainings in Central London are priced at £250 for the weekend. The training programme includes accreditation by the Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, The AMT, and The Institute for Meridian-based Psychotherapy, Counselling & Coaching.





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