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Raj Miles



P O Box 958
Nerang, QLD 4211
T: 07 5563 0036


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Elohim Journal


Way of the Heart quarterly Journal is a journey into the spiritual experience. It reaches out to all seekers, to all who have become aware that there is mote to this life than meets the eye. The Way of the Heart is about the heart, about expanding and raising the level of the individual and group consciousness with easy to read articles and practical methods of self helpon healing, travel, spiritual instruction and much more contributed from the world’s leading spiritual teachers.

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Suanne and Raj invite you to take a look at our world and join us in the ultimate adventure offered in this lifetime - the exploration of the journey of the Soul and the unfolding wonder of our own consciousness. As we have discovered nothing compares to the beauty of friendship as shared by those who are awakening to the truth of who they really are.

Philosophy and Comments        

The experience of Publishing the Journal over the past 10 years has inspired Suzanne and Raj (the publishers) to develop a living organization that has evolved to provide many opportunities to fulfill the demands of a growing community of conscious and committed individuals. The Family is a a growing international network of like minded people who join for the purpose of sharing their joy and passion with teachings that are immediately life changing.

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