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Gloria Coppola LMT

Gloria Coppola


United States
T: 828 713-3521


Gloria Coppola provides continuing Education Workshops approved for CE Contact Hours through the NCBTMB.

- Sacred Bodywork - Lomi Lomi

- Introduction to Cranio-Sacral Therapy

- Foot Reflexology

- Thai Massage - Table version

- Raindrop Therapy

- Alleviate Chronic Pain

- Spa Treatments

Also, Transformational workshops "Re-Membering Your Spirit", a journey through the chakra system and "Awakening your Heart Chakra".

Gloria has been training massage therapist for almost 20 years. Her passion and love emanates in her teachings. She has trained individuals nationally.

Profile and Credentials        

Gloria Coppola, former owner of The Garden State Holistic Center Massage School in New Jersey, Reiki Master, and bodyworker for 20 years. Gloria has attended many schools for holistic healing accumulating over 3,000 hrs of training.

She has also traveled to many sacred sites of the world,including Egypt & Peru, which have assisted her in her growth process.

Ordained as an Essene Minister she conducted spiritual ceremonies while she resided in Kauai for 6 years. In addition, Gloria has assisted several massage schools develop their curriculum and now resides in Asheville sharing her knowledge and wisdom. Her background in massage consists of many modalities, including Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapy, MFR, NMT, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Infant Massage, Thai Massage & More!

Philosophy and Comments        

May We walk gently upon this earth and be in harmony with all creatures. My desire is to share my knowlege and wisdom in a safe and sacred space, while proving quality education for those in the healing arts.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Workshops are scheduled as the need arises. If you would like to sponsor a training in your area, please contact me.

If you are interested in a review class for the National Certification Exam - I am willing to provide these in small groups. Contact me.

Creating a Sacred Space        

Gloria also provides workshops for transformation and bringing in the divine feminine goddess.

As students describe: "To be able to touch another soul and share love - especially to grow in divine love, my destination in life has changed as Gloria planted the seed". M.H.

"A very moving experience, Gloria's workshop touched places in my heart that have been silent for too long. You opened my voice." S. M.

"I'm still spinnng, there's been a deeper shift in my life. I have achieved another step towards balance. This was a soul touching experience!" A.Z.

Intro To Cranio Sacral Therapy        

Gloria is a certified instructor by the Upledger Foundation to teach the Introduction To Cranio Sacral Therapy. This is a 2 day workshop that introduces students to the background & history of CST. Students will learn to palpate the rhythm, listen to the body and apply simple techniques and hand positions for treatment.

The Healing Power of Touch - sometimes all the body needs to activate the healing process is a light touch by a skilled hand. Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle approach that may alleviate a range of sensory, motor and neurological disorders. This may include headaches, back and neck pain, TMJ, stress and much more!

"You need to know that Gloria is intellectual, loving and caring. Her presentations are supported with practical details and an open heart with a safe environment. It is exciting to feel the body, mind and spirit melding as you are supported by her in a gentle way" L.T.

Sacred Bodywork - Hawaiian Restorative Lomi        

The "Kahuna" is the one who is the "overseer" of the structure of Hawaiian Culture and life. Trained under the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Gloria presents the "gifts" that were passed down through the ages. One must understand that when embarking upon this art, that there is sacredness involved and transformation to the soul.

Two levels of Lomi are introduced to those ready to Fly. Lomi is a magnificent dance and much more than technique. This healing modality requires one to spend an enormous time with movement techniques that will enhance your breathing, stamina, flow and openness of the heart.

A practitioner must learn tolerance, forgiveness, non-judgement and compassion, while always being respectful.

Gloria brings her magnificence and wisdom to this Sacred Bodywork style. Her life experiences have chosen her to walk a path of compassion. Her unique style invites joy and fun through your learning experience while opening your heart chakra to love. Students all over the nation have been amazed with the levels of opening and divine awakening they experience.

Kahu writes: Think about it and it will think about you . Live it and it will live for you....there is nothing that will not do for you, in as much as you would do for yourself.

Re-Membering Your Spirit        

Be prepared to get to know your soul! Begin a journey of a lifetime and experience ways to honor your soul essence and understand the nature of your being!

Gloria has studied personally with Caroline Myss, PhD , author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Anodea Judith,PhD. author of Eastern Body, Western Mind. Both authors have explored and write about the chakra system.

Gloria's own research and life experiences have gifted her with many profound insights. She is continually guided and is excited to share with those ready to explore the power within and how to transform into "light-er beings"

Have FUN evolving! Enjoy a VERY SPECIAL time as you Re-member your spirit!

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