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If you are looking to contact someone who has passed over, Aana helps people connect with loved ones on the other side. Many things can happen in a reading: you could find out how a loved one is doing, get closure, receive forgiveness, or just see what they have to say. Because of the spirit’s unique perspective, they are able to see your situation clearly, and are not fooled by appearances. Therefore they are helpful in decision making, finding unique solutions to problems and tipping you off to things you are not aware of. Your loved ones see the truth. They know the whole story. That is why your spirit guides and loved ones are so helpful when you are seeking guidance.
During a reading, Aana told a client that her heart was very clogged and that she needed to go to the doctor to have it looked at “as soon as possible!” and that it was a very serious condition. But her client “knew for a fact” that her heart was fine because her doctor had checked it recently. After a few minutes the client agreed to make another trip to the doctor, but she never actually did. In two weeks, this client suffered a major heart attack and had to be hospitalized and undergo a triple bypass. This timely advice could have saved a serious operation and a lot of expense.
Another client called and said he was going to quit his job the following day. Aana told him “do not quit! wait three weeks, something good is going to happen”. This man postponed quitting his job. In three weeks to the day, this client was promoted from Assistant, to Director of the entire organization. He had no idea he was even being considered, nor had he applied or showed any interest in this position. He was thrilled with the promotion as well as the raise in pay!

Profile and Credentials        

Working with guides (guides are spirit helpers and loved ones on the other side), Aana accesses her information with the second senses of seeing, hearing and sensing and passes the information on to you. A reading can have real impact as serious issues are dealt with. The guides often help relationships, career, health, finances and personal issues. If you are not looking to connect with anyone in particular, Aana will still give you a guided reading. Aana cannot promise that anyone in particular will connect; and asks that you be respectful of the spiritual process and open to anyone who does shows up for you.

Philosophy and Comments        

Aana believes that because of the guide’s greater perspective on our lives, the information they give us is very valuable and can be of great help. When you can stop guessing what your next step is, you can focus on taking that step. Your life can become focused and manageable. Sometimes the guides reinforce the path you are currently on. At other times what they say will be completely unexpected and may offer a new direction or
perspective. Either way, your guides and loved ones only wish to help.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call 1-800-486-9810 at any time. No appointment necessary. Visa and Master Card accepted. If Aana is not available, please leave your name and phone number and the best time to reach you. To ensure your privacy, Aana will never leave any message stating more than her name and number.





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