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Anne Marie Wells



MA United States
T: 617-571-3708




Anne Marie


RELAX, REVITALIZE, REBALANCE, and HARMONIZE your Mind, Body and Spirit! Energy healing including Crystal Therapy, Chakra Clearing/Balancing, Reiki, Psychic Healing, Spiritual Healing. Peak into your future, have your deepest questions answered or communicate with loved ones with a Psychic reading, Mediumship, or Channeling. Home/Space Clearing and Blessing, Reiki attunements, and classes in Chakra Balancing and Emotional Freadom Technique. My treatments are not belief or religion specific and I respect each individual’s beliefs and treatment needs.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and member of the IARP (International Assoc. of Reiki Practicioners), Crystal Therapist, Psychic, and Wiccan.

Philosophy and Comments        

Mission: To apply my skill and learning to heal and guide those brought to me and to follow this path of healing with courage and purity of heart.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please contact me with questions in regards to my availability and fees.





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