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Aaron Ashley



135 Magnolia Drive
Greeneville, TN 37743
United States
T: (423) 638-2461


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Aaron Ashley, M.S., of the Center for Light and Healing


The Center for Light and Healing is an association of spiritual based practitioners whose mission is to provide professional spiritual based services and related activities with the highest standards of excellence and integrity to enhance the quality of life for all on the levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

While our headquarters is located in Greeneville, TN, many of our practitioners are located throughout the Tri-cities and east Tennessee at large, as well as available globally by telephone or from a remote location.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Visit our website to read about our full array of on-site and remote professional spiritual, healing, and psychic development services in greater detail along with our upcoming lectures, workshops, classes, and groups.

Services offered by Aaron Ashley, M.S.,        

Aaron Ashley, M.S., Founder and Director of the Center for Light and Healing, is a nationally known professional Psychic Medium, Spiritual Medium, Trance Medium, Intuitive Counselor, Grief/Bereavement Specialist, Usui Reiki Master, Level VI Lightarian Reiki Master, and Psychic Energetic Healer. He currently offers Channeled Readings, Phone Readings, Psychic Energetic Healing Sessions, Intensive Healing Sessions, and more! Visit our website for a full description of all of Aaron's professional services and those of our Associate Practitioners.

Services offered by Paula Candlish        

Paula Candlish, Center for Light and Healing Associate Practitioner, is a Psychic Empath, Crystal Healer, Pet Psychic, and Animal Communicator. She currently offers Crystal Clearing/Emotional Release Sessions, Advanced Crystal Layout/Regression Sessions, and on-site and remote Animal Communication Sessions. Paula is available most weeknights and weekends at the Center for Light and Healing and will also travel to your home or business location. With respect to her Animal Communication Sessions, she is also able to conduct these sessions remotely by phone from across the nation.



Our bi-monthly "Opening to the Miracles" Natural Healing Group currently meeting at the Round Table Conference Center in Greeneville, TN, is free of charge and open to spiritual and healing practitioners along with all those with an interest in healing, sprituality, and psychic development. We are delighted to have the collective energies of more than two dozen energy healers from our area working together, and the healing energy of our group is simply amazing! Generally the first and third Sunday of every month (except holidays), each of our gatherings begins at 12:00 pm with a talk on a unique topic of interest pertaining to group energy healing, psychic development, and spirituality, along with a guided meditation for spirit and energy clearing. This is followed by our group healing and prayer service for the public starting at 2:00 pm. We then end at 5:00 pm with a closing prayer as we join together in fellowship for a banquet style vegetarian pot-luck dinner during the last hour of our gathering. Join us for a wonderful afternoon of meditation, healing, enlightenment, and fellowship! Miracles are the natural state of affairs when we open to them and do not stand in their way. When healers come together as a group, the healing energy flows more intensely, and the resulting effects are stronger than the sum of energy each healer channels individually. When we come together with the same intent, our collective energy is increased many times over. Group healing is a powerful way to manifest miracles. Miracles can and do occur. Join us for an afternoon to remember, and together we will open to the miracles!

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