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Christie Boyer



Northwest Denver
Denver, CO 80212
United States


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Abundant Life Midwifery Care


I am a Registered Midwife by the State of Colorado. I have a homebirth midwifery practice based in Northwest Denver, and I attend births in Denver and the surrounding communities within a 60 mile radius. My desire is to help women achieve a healthy, natural, and satisfying pregnancy and birth. I believe that a woman's home is the safest and most rewarding place to give birth--a place where she can feel secure and comfortable, surrounded by the ones she loves. My midwifery care includes all prenatal examinations and routine lab work, childbirth classes, care throughout labor and birth, and postpartum visits in your home. I can help women with VBACs and waterbirth. If you are interested in home birth, please call or email to set up an interview with me (this is a free visit).

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Registered Midwife President of the Colorado Midwives Association

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