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AC Bouquet Candy Bouquets and Gift Baskets


High Quality Mouth-Watering Candy Bouquets, Gourmet Chocolates, and Gift Baskets for All Occasions, Tastes, and Budgets. They're the Sweetest Gifts You'll Ever Give!

Profile and Credentials        

AC Bouquet has been in business for more than 6 years and has the priviledge of working with not only consumers, but celebrities and major corporations such as Wendy's International, NASA, Microsoft, Apple Computers, Government Officials, and more!

Not only do they offer candy bouquets, but they are more than happy to show you how to make your very own! Go to http://www.acbouquet.com/video.htm to learn more.

AC Bouquet also offers their candy bouquets and gift baskets for drop shipping and wholesale customers as well.

Philosophy and Comments        

AC Bouquet is continually working to offer the very best candy bouquet and services to each and every one of their customers.

We understand that our products reflect the tastes and personalities of our clients, and work hard to ensure that each item is of the freshest, highest, and most beautiful quality possible.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

AC Bouquet is an internet-based company that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don't see what you like, we are more than happy to customize candy bouquets and gift baskets to your needs, budgets, and occasions.

Call us at 888-668-8565 or e-mail us at acbouquet@acbouquet.com and we can discuss the details!

Corporate Gifting Program        

AC Bouquet offers a comprehensive corporate gifting program that works well for both the general consumer looking to plan their personal gifts, and for the major corporations looking to give gifts for retirements, anniversaries, incentives, thank you's and a host of other reasons and occasions.

Products vary depending on budgets, quantities, and needs. Contact us at 888-668-8565 or visit our website at www.acbouquet.com to learn more!

Candy Bouquet Videos and Kits        

AC Bouquet offers more than 20 different candy bouquet videos and kits designed to help you learn the art of candy bouquets in your own home!

Perfect for the crafter, and ideal for the small business owner looking to expand their product base, you're sure to find a little something for everyone!

Go to http://www.acbouquet.com/video.htm to learn more!

Drop Ship Candy Bouquets and Gift Baskets        

AC Bouquet offers a huge assortment of candy bouquets and gift baskets especially for the internet-based companies looking to offer candy bouquets and gift baskets without having to carry their own inventory!

Sign up is simple and each dropshipper is given access to our dropshipper website, plus print quality photos, catalogs and more!

Go to http://www.acbouquet.com/droshipping.htm to learn more

Wholesale candy bouquets and gift baskets        

If you are a storefront looking to offer candy bouquets and gift baskets, but don't want to make them all yourself, AC Bouquet's wholesale program will be perfect for you!

Minimums are as low as one candy bouquet, and we even offer a 'sampler' case which allows you to purchase a case and see how well the candy bouquets sell before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in our product!

Go to http://www.acbouquet.com/dropshipping.htm or request a downloadable wholesale catalog by going to http://www.acbouquet.com/catalog_download.htm

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