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Devin Kelly



Seattle, WA 98105
United States
T: 206-406-7815






Profile and Credentials        

After attending parties around the Pacific Northwest for a year and a half, Devin Kelly (Adlib) felt a strong desire to mix records, make his own music, and give back to the dance music community. In January of 1998, he scored his first set of used Technics turntables for free from a local radio station. Six months later, he joined with several like-minded partiers to form People Of Earth productions (POE), the promotion collective responsible for some of the Northwest's best and most well-known parties between 1998-2002, including Journey 1-3, Unsolved Mysteries and the Psyence Fiction series. Things could not have possibly worked out better since then.
In the last seven years, Adlib has managed to get highly involved with the underground dance music scenes in Boise, Salt Lake City, Frisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. For how long he's been playing and for where he lives, he's had the rare opportunity to play out of state many times. He has spun records at hundreds of parties in four states. He's worked and spun with some of the west coast's best underground DJ's; including Jon E Thin, Taj, Daemon, Matt McCoy, Moda, Tracer, Dig-Dug, Pete Spinning, Josh Craig and Beaker, Czech, Mike Balance, Jay Tripwire, DRC, JZ, CL McSpadden, Tillman, Atomic, Kultcha, Enrie, Dave Epstein, and Greg Sandler.
In addition, he's also played with world renowned talent such as Captain Tinrib, Dan, Dano, Max (of Alien Trax), Alice Deejay (yuck), the Head-Hunters, Doc Martin, the House-a-Holics, John Kelly, Donald Glaude, Mars & Mystre, Daisy, Christopher Lawrence, Leonard, Joeski, Chus and others.
Adlib moved to Seattle Washington in September of 2002. After moving, he took a short but much-needed break from DJing to focus on his studies. He has recently started playing again and is attempting to break into the much larger but very contained Seattle scene. He hopes that he will start gaining local recognition with his consistent quality mixtapes and CDs.
Adlib feels the experience of a party is largely based on the promoter's ability to place sets and the DJ's ability to progress a set. As a promoter and a DJ, Adlib specializes in trying to find the best experience. That is why he tries to be as versatile as possible. He prefers progressive house, deep progressive, and tribally music, but he can also mix breaks, progressive breaks, tech house, and funky house. He also plays special downtempo, hip hop and acid jazz turntablist sets upon special request.
Adlib started scratching about four years ago and producing using reason, acid, logic and some outboard gear towards the end of 2001. He started in both of these directions as a hobby, but is now incorporating elements of his own music more and more as he plays out.
He has also chosen to fuse political activism with progressive music in party environments. As a promoter, he tries to make his events as informative and immersive as possible. With his crew, People of Earth, he hopes to expand on these ideas and work with promoters and DJ's across the west to create a more sustainable party culture. He would love to play out in as many new communities as possible and return the favor to talented underground DJ's/promoters in his area
Thank you for reading up on Adlib and other P.O.E., Guardian, Tengu, and Alien Sound System DJs!

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