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I am a musician who has ultized the advanced technology of the computer age to bring about a unique style to music never before in history able to be produced.

Profile and Credentials        

I have played both the guitar and been intrested in electronic and jazz music since childhood, I have been composing computer based music since 2002. I have also been active in mixing various styles of music on turntables, this began in 1999 when my interest in mixing records brought me to purchase my own decks. I have played in as a residency in various venues such as CORE Tribes and a weekly at akumi. This has brought me in the production and specifically in the production of dance music hiphop, world, drum and bass as well as breaks and meditation

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that music is more than just simple entertainment, Sound and vibration are intimatly connected to that very fabric of life that all reality is based. Everything down to the atom is in a constant state of vibration. this vibration is the basis of my music, I desire my music to to be healing and to be very emotionally stimulating. The last issue of my work is to unite the tribal and ancient healing and musical codes ultizing eastern modalites ragas from the indian traditions and modern scientific tones and frequences that can regulate heart change and brainwave frequencies. Some of these tones have even been even known to be destroy cancer cells and heal various ailments

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work whenever hired for a sliding scale depending on the work proposal





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