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Ajna Henna Body Arts

Maya V


Seattle, WA 98107
United States
T: (206) 789-3535


Experienced and professional, traditional henna artist providing henna body art for individuals and parties in and around the Seattle area.

Profile and Credentials        

Professional henna artist with 9 years experience. Traditional styles as well as eclectic artwork available. I specialize in custom design.

Only safe, all natural ingredients used. All work is freehand (stencils are never used). I mix my own paste and can attest to its ingredients and will share all ingredients gladly with those who inquire.

Philosophy and Comments        

Many people, today, often call henna body art a "henna tattoo". I encourage everyone to discover the wonderful history of henna body art and find that it is a rich tradition and artform all its own that has been around as long as ink tattoo, possibly longer. Henna has been an integral part of many a tradition and ritual in the cultures of the middle East, India and North Africa, over the centuries. Now it is taking root in the West as a means of self expression, in addition to retaining its healing energy in the context of baby blessings (maternity henna), wedding henna, birthday celebrations and much, much more.

Most notable is hennas role in the wedding ceremony in the form of bridal henna and the application of henna on the guests as means of blessing the marriage. But henna is also part of performance tradition, as in the display of henna in belly dance. Used in healing rituals in some cultures, henna is a wonderful way to bless your body during challenging times or celebrate the triumph over a challenge, after the fact. Henna is not only about beauty, it is also about connecting to something more vital and deep within ourselves. Henna is for ceremony and for everday. Henna is for everyone. :)

Aside from private and group henna session, I also offer group and private instruction in this wonderful artform. Please write me an email, or call, and let me know what you have in mind.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Available by appointment only.

Individual hourly rate: $60/hr

(minimums may apply)

Group/Party rate (2 or more people): $75/hr

(minimums may apply)

Please call for a rate quote for your individual or event henna.

Contact hours: 9am-7pm

Please, do not call outside these hours.

Thank you :)

Client list        

As well as providing henna for individuals and private parties, I have also provided henna for large events and event planners such as;

Event Resources LLC


Gates Foundation

Lane Powell



Venture II (event planning)

..... and more




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