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Alannah Zimerman - Counselor / Healer / Life Coach

Alannah Zimerman


Boulder, CO 80301
United States


Alannah Zimerman, M.S.

Boulder, Colorado




Perhaps you are experiencing some life changes or would like to resolve some core issues.

I have an M.S. in Counseling and I'm dedicated to assisting you in reaching the clarity you desire, connecting to your authentic self and attaining your goals. Through my personal growth and studies to achieve deeper well being, greater joy and peace I offer you support in a safe sacred environment.

I also work with animals that may need assistance with well being.

I would be honored to assist you if you are seeking to:

• Eliminate negative patterns and allow positive intentions to guide you

• Minimize stress and accent Wholeness, Prosperity and Joy

• Have more balanced life force energy

• Tap into your creativity

• Dissolve inhibiting life influences and feel empowered in the present

• Be more confident

• Feel Spiritually at peace

• Learn to follow your own inner guidance

I am available for:

• Interpersoanl counseling

• Life coaching

• Spiritual counseling and guidance

• Reiki

• Home and business clearings and rejuvenation

• Energy balancing

• Akashic record consultation

• Animal Communication

Profile and Credentials        

I consciously have been on my spiritual path for over 30 years. Due to my deep love and reverence for all things natural and the Earth, I possess an innate sensitivity to channel Universal healing Energy. Working with this energy can help a person become more grounded and better balanced.

I posses an M.S. degree in Counseling and have over 20 years of working as a Rehabilitation and Vocatioanl Counselor which has given me ample opportunity to hone my intuitive skills and ability to identify blocks within individuals. Currently, I integrate these skills in my Counseling and Life Coaching practice for those seeking greater clarity in their well being.

My studies of and experience with various spiritual disciplines help me to develop an array of techniques and tools which I use with my clients.

• Usui Reiki Master

• Massage Therapy

• Peruvian Shamanism

• Pranic Healing

• Feng Shui

• Emotional Freedom Technique

• Hypnotherapy

• Yuen Healing Method

• Native American Practices

• Akashic Record reading

Philosophy and Comments        

“The feeling of Love is the highest frequency you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.” -The Secret

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha

“I love to have Fun!!” -Alannah Zimerman

Doing my healing work and continuing to spiritually evolve brings me joy. As a result, I obtain great satisfaction when I am divinely guided while assisting others in discovering their wholeness.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I do counseling sessions via the telephone and in my office.

Fees are $65.00 an hour. Package sessions are available.





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