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Carol Biggs



PO Box 20271
Juneau, AK 99802
United States
T: 907 586 2453
F: 907 586 2453


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Alaska Nature Connection


Nature Counselor, Educator, Author, Photographer, Botanical Artist

ISBN 0966919203
Volume 1
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest

ISBN 0966919211
Volume 2
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest

Profile and Credentials        

M.S., Ecopsychology

Nature Counselor and Educator specializing in:

~stress reduction
~spiritual wellness
~self-esteem enhancement
~wild edible and medicinal plants in the North American temperate rainforest
~nature writing and photography

Philosophy and Comments        

Most human problems (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) stem from our separation from nature. The majority of us spend less than 1% of our lives consciously connected with this intelligent natural system. Nature has the power to counsel and educate, as well as nourish, balance and heal humans the same way it does all of its creatures.

Addictions and other psychological and emotional problems can be healed, our spirits can be rejuvenated, and our self esteem can flourish as it was meant to. Then we can contribute our gifts back to the whole system, thus enhancing the interconnected web of life of which we all are a part.

Think about this: the next tree or plant you pass might provide the oxygen you need to continue living, and you might provide the next breath of carbon dioxide needed by that tree or plant. Thus we all engage in natural recycling and the continuous process of transformation.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours are flexible
Nature counseling and educating: $75.00 per hour

Wild edible and medicinal plant pocket trail guides
Volume 1: $14.95 each
Volume 2: $14.95 each
(Each volume contains 37 different high quality photographs of plants in the temperate rainforest of North America

Everything in nature is interconnected        

Earth, air, water, fire,
Flowers, bees, birds, all creatures,
Creation transforms.




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