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Allan Decker, MSW, LCSW

Allan Decker


4043 Baymeadows Rd. Suite B
Jacksonville, FL 32217
United States
T: 904-472-1624

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Issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and relationship conflict are most effectively dealt with by accessing both the conscious and subconscious minds. Reality based talk therapy and hypnotherapy are used to effect positive changes.

In therapy, an objective and clinically trained professional helps you face your difficulties constructively and confidently, freeing you to experience a greater sense of emotional well-being.

Profile and Credentials        

Allan Decker, MSW, LCSW started working with individuals and couples over 25 years ago. Most come to therapy because of stress in their marriage or with a significant other. They often talk about difficulties at work or a general feeling of depression and anxiety.

Allan Decker, LCSW is a Maryland native who attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. After working for years in his own pharmacy and as the owner of a home health care company he entered the social work program at Catholic University of America and received a Masters Degree in Social Work. He has been in private practice for 25 years specializing in men's issues, couples work, individual therapy for depression and anxiety.

He is certified in clinical hypnosis by ASCH, (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis), which ensures that the therapist is licensed as a mental health care professional in Florida and that his education and training in hypnosis has meet the strict standards set by ASCH.

Philosophy and Comments        

An empathetic and non-shaming approach is essential in working through the many issues that are brought to the table. People are able to explore their inner strengths and competencies as well as their shadow side which may cause distress.

At mid-life people often ask, "Is this all there is to life?" They wonder about reaching for their own
inner pleasures and satisfactions. Often the only good feelings come from completing tasks and supporting the
family and others. For many men there is a loss of the "male mode of feeling," where activities that are self-fulfilling are just as important as pleasing others. For women, there may be a need for more fulfilling interpersonal connections and self care.

The use of reality and competency based counseling and hypnotherapy has greatly helped clients work through their problems and issues.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Allan maintains a practice where clients are seen for 60 minutes on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

He sees clients Monday through Thurday mornings and from 9:00A.M. to 4:30P.M. on Fridays.

The fee for each session is $110.00 payable by cash or check at the end of each session. He is glad to provide necessary documentation so that the client may be reimbursed by their insurance carrier.





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