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Alida Birch



PO Box 121
Eugene, OR 97440
United States
T: 541-686-2023


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Alida Birch


This healer goes beyond psychic readings to offer long distance compassionate spiritual healing and soul retrieval for those people who want help with their life, their health or their emotions. She is an esteemed healer, counselor, and teacher. She offers shamanic training and annual vision quests.

Profile and Credentials        

Master of Social Work, Univ. of MN 1976
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Univ of MN 1982
Called to Shamanism by the Spirits in 1987
Trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Siberian shamans, and other native indigenous shamans 1993-present.
Graduate of 3 year shamanic training with Michael Harner. 2000
Graduate of 2 year Celtic Shamanism Training with Tom Cowan 2003
Trained by Sandra Ingerman as a Shamanic Teacher 2004
Founder of the Eugene Healing Circle 1992.

Philosophy and Comments        

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