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aline marie visionary artist


healing goddess portraits of the divine feminine spirit, bringing forth love, light and peace to viewers of all eyestyles.

Profile and Credentials        

Academy of Art, San Francisco, Ca
School of Visual Art, Manhatten, Ny
Southern Connecticut state university, new haven, Ct
Western Connecticut state university, danbury, Ct, B.A. Fine Arts

Philosophy and Comments        

To help heal the children of all ages of the world. To create inspiring images that promote a sense of peace, love and healing of the most positive nature.
I paint what I believe is the courage to be truly healed. To stop the negative patterns we have been ingrained with for generations. I paint the end of violence towards our Selves, our neighbors, our children, our friends, families, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and so on. It is up to every one of us as humans being to make a choice to stop the violence of living in fear of the beautiful light of our own souls. I paint the lightness of being, of my interpretation and expression of what I believe that is. In my efforts if I can help even just one person stop the pain of living in false belief that they are less than, and show them that they are greater than they ever allowed themselves to see or be seen as such, then I am that much closer in my efforts to see the world live in peace.

This is my quest in this lifetime, that we can walk down the streets of any town and look each other in the eye and smile because we share the gift of being alive and experiencing the magic and joy that every human being human brings. With Peace, Love, Blessings, and Sincerity I share the images of my soul light to match the beauty of your soul.

Warmest regards on your journey back to Divine Love.

Aline Marie

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$600 for an original oil on canvas, goddess portrait or animal totem portrait. prices vary with with size of either. the animal totem portraits price also depends on the number of animals chosen and the length of the detailed reading of the metaphysical, physical, emotional and intuitive aspects of each animal and how they pertain to the individual commissioning the portrait. the goddess portraits are visual prayers with sacred symbols for the viewer to integrate their requests for peace, love, growth, whatever their choosing and left up to me to intuitivly create the most healing image for their psyche and soul.

The Lioness        

this small picture is a little tough to see, its better on the website, www.fireunderwater.org. this was an image i created to see a female in balance with one of the most prestigious of the male species, she is eye to eye level with the king, the male lion. power, strength, respect. they are looking in the same direction of a butterfly floating in a bubble towards them, the butterfly representing joy and happiness. above them is the cycle of life, from cheetah to hawk, to the elephant that ancient matriarchel wisdom, to the eagle, and then the gazelle, my old nickname from an old friend. the chase brings you back to the moment, two beings, different species in balance, unafraid, with the same goals, intentions and heart songs. they are under the tree of life, the unconditional selfless love of the earth.


this was a piece i did inspired by my beautiful healing goddess yoga teacher, natasha. one of the most balanced wonderfilled women i am blessed with in my life.

Set Me Free        

this was my way of showing my self what peace and the love of the Divine Feminine Spirit felt like. their are 7 birds in the painting, a sacred number for my self and others, a symbol of ascension. to allow my prayers to be sent to heaven while i am sitting here on the ground. this painting was me breaking free from a sad cycle of pain.

Red Lotus by Aline Marie        

this painting was my own personal prayer for my heart chakra and my root chakra to connect. to be swimming in my creativity and passion, while embodying unconditional love holding the blue flame of God within the magic of a lotus flower a symbol of eternity.

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