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Alisa Battaglia, BD, CHT, EFT-Wellness/Activism

Alisa Battaglia


Weston, FL 33331
United States
T: 954 384-8310


The Integral Life provides a path to balance and wholeness. The experience of catharsis or integration is unique for each person since we come into this world with our own particular set of patterns to work out, innate gifts to express and life purposes to unfold. Despite differentiation there is a distinct unfolding process that is common to all of us, since all life is a part of the One Heart in constant motion. This centrifugal force or Ecology of the Spirit of perceptual space and wholeness is the centerpiece of my work. I invite you to claim your courage- to pave a life of love, creativity, purpose and joy!

Profile and Credentials        

Alisa's wisdom and knowledge base from having grown up overseas has given her a sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversities that excels beyond her labels in life: Realtor, Insurance Sales, Ordained Minister; Metaphysician; Reiki Master; Advanced Aromatherapist; Certified Hypnotist (CHT) with National Guild of Hypnotists; Certified in Bach Flower Level I; Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner; Wellness Educator; Advanced Theta Healer; Trance Dancer; scribe for sacred information and spiritual conduit; and founder of Global Communion Network.

As a practitioner in holistic endeavors Alisa is deeply passionate about natural health, living food, culinary arts and the preservation of health freedom, as live organic food is what gives us health, the ability to think clearly and thrive. Health Freedom allows us to choose what is best for us rather than being forced into Big Pharma's chemicalized treatments with debilitating side effects.

Alisa’s background in dance and personal training has given her unique insight into the human form, body awareness, balance and pattern. Her understanding of wellness and self care in the use of natural foods, detoxification and purification therapies, vibrational medicine, cultivation of sexual energy, internal exercises, movement and space clearing has allowed her to create a unique form of healing reorganization for her clients.Alisa also utilizes her exceptional organizational abilities in the form of personal organizer and image consultant. While personal organization focuses on releasing accumulated "stuff" in the environment in which you lives, clearing space is the first step in the healing processes which begins by clearing the emotional attachment to the stuff that weighs you down and is no longer useful. When the inner healing journey has revealed the authentic self she helps to recreate the integrated self-image to reflect this new expression of being through color and clothes right for your body type with style. Her experience comes from many years of runway modeling and management and sales in retail clothing.

Alisa continues to self-educate and integrate her spiritual wisdom and healing knowledge into her personal and professional life. She is currently training for Qi Gong certification.The hallmarks of her work are a high level of integrity, open-heartedness and compassion, awareness, deep presence, and play.

Her creative passions in life are orchids and horticulture, organic gardening, healthly cooking, dancing, cultivation of higher consciousness, silk painting and design (stay tuned for her new creations) and with a great penchant for writing with spirit she is ever expressing the wisdom of her higher self through the written word. As an avid activist for the preservation of life, she is a defender of all things good, beautiful and true. Although highly involved in many worthy pursuits, Alisa chooses to maintain her sovereign identity and is not a member of any specific organization or Mystery School.

Philosophy and Comments        

As a sovereign entity in the collective pool of humanity, I seek to bring kaleidoscopic views to the fore of consciousness through the Global Communion Earth Resurrection Plan Network, The Gates of Grace Earth Healing vortex, conscious living, Wellness products, my teaching manuals, articles and newsletters: Kaleidoscope News & Wellness Emporium Cafe. It is my hope that this website guides, elucidates choice and creative focus, and evokes greater compassion and inspiration during the wake of tremendous planetary shifts and human transition. The human collective has entered a time where the testing of limits between extremes, albeit our inner dichotomies between body and soul, heaven and earth and imbalance of masculine and feminine spiritual force, are called to balance and neutrality. As the energy of our planet continues to shift towards liberation and unity consciousness with "All That Is" into greater Love and Light, we are asked to align and integrate our personalities, to connect with the Soul of the Planet, to live in tandem with the greater Kosmic flow and to embrace One Another as an extended human family.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please send an email to innerdiamond@bellsouth.net for fee schedule and work hours or call 954 384-8310 or you can visit my website at http://www.ecologyofthespirit.com/Integrallifeservices/SpiritMidwifeCoach.htm to access that information.

Kaleidoscope~ A Newsletter Documenting the Era of our Times        

Kaleidoscope News is a monthly selection of links to articles of spiritual thought, technology & innovation, alternative health news, global trends, media, sustainable living, science, liberty, and related bits of information. Keep your finger on the pulse of world trends - watch out for Kaleidoscope News...every month.

Women's Spirituality/Ascension/Pathwork        

As a Spiritual Midwife I inspire, nurture, accelerate and celebrate the birth of spiritual awareness through Divine Feminine wisdom in connection with the Earth Body-consciousness. Divine Feminine wisdom is the integral link to manifestation, creativity, self-empowerment and liberation. It is the Sacred Union of the Individualized Consciousness.

I provide practical application of personal, creative and spiritual goals into everyday life to dissolve faulty patterns and situations that have outlived their evolutionary usefulness. Through deeply therapeutic processes you are guided to understand and align with these powerful polaric spiritual energies that comprise you in the exploration of self and integrate them into your daily life. The results of our work together will reflect in the alignment of what you think, feel, say and do igniting the opening of your heart. Fueled by personal empowerment, expanding perception of the interrelatedness of life you will embark on the journey of authentic and creative action in alignment with your Soul's urge.


Self Healing Manuals        

The framework for transformation of the spirit and psyche is based upon the force of dynamic Universal energy, its Laws and Principles and cultivation of that force by harnessing sexual energy for higher use; to align the physical, emotional and mental bodies; and integrate spiritual and core gender energies through these powerful energies that pervade life. Effectively harnessing the creative impulse of life affirming energies through the heart helps us to create a firm foundation and centeredness of self. Within the heart are where our answers reside and the uniqueness of our gifts revealed. The heart is the center of awareness. It is where all energies converge and where our deepest passions lie under the layers of doubt, resistance, societal and familial conditioning. The Ecology of the Spirit Healing Series is available in the On-line Store and Ecology of the Spirit Forum of Conscious Living.


Vibrational Healing -Pulling Roots -Eco-psychology        

Vibrational healing modalities are used as a multidimensional approach to self-care, self-healing, emotional release, longevity and ascension that bridges the intricate energy field of the physical and energetic bodies through 107 power points, zones and 14 subtle energy currents. These sensitive energy zones form a sacred physiological map across the surface of the body that attune us to both the sacred geography of the Earth and the sacred geometry of the Kosmos to enhance mental and spiritual powers. The interfacing of these power points and subtle energy currents helps us to understand the interchange of energy and information through the mind, the five senses, and our internal and external environments and to restore proper connection and rhythm between them. Balance and well-being in both body and mind are integral aspects of spiritual development that recognizes the integration of masculine and feminine spiritual force-the two universal principles of spirit and matter, or consciousness and form. Connecting the polar spiritual forces, points of energy and currents on either side of the body and the seven centers of consciousness (chakras) harmonizes our embodiment with the knowledge that our body is our vehicle for realizing the spirit. Life force is the source of intelligence-our mental function and perception that allows us to think and perceive. Consciously manipulating the dynamic energy zones on the body is the most direct method of harmonizing the intelligent life force between the subtle body (our internal energy, moods and emotions) and the physical body (our material condition) to increase health and vitality on both levels.

For more information visit http://www.ecologyofthespirit.com/_as/archivalself.htm

and http://www.ecologyofthespirit.com/Integrallifeservices/Eco-feminism.htm

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