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Alisa Parlette



Lockport, NY 14094
United States
T: (716) 433-8782




Alisa Parlette


Meditation Classes & Psychic Readings done at the following location:

Meditation Classes consist of 6 week lessons begining with 10 minute meditation and each week increasing 5 minutes. First 3 class meditations are done with guided imagery with music. Remaing threee class meditations are with various music non-guided. Last 2 classes introduce the seven Chakra's and meditation on clearing the chakra's. Meditation helps reduce stress and lowers high blood pressure. Meditations are done in a chair. Perfect for people suffering from lower back pain or other health related concerns.

Psychic Readings by appointment only.
Monday's & Wednesday's
10am - 2pm
& 6pm - 8pm.
Please call Mother Earth to schedule appointments.
(716) 433-8782.

Profile and Credentials        

Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, Hilbert College, Hamburg, NY.

Intuitive Developement I

Psychic Developemnt - Studied with Rev. Jacqueline Lunger- Certified Medium from Lily Dale, NY.

Advanced Mediumship in Lily Dale with Sharon Klingler.

Philosophy and Comments        

I offer my assistance for those searching inner peace through meditation and self discovery. I will guide you on your path honestly and professionally. Through my class I will teach you the history of meditation and how meditation can reduce stress in your life and help you to grow spiritually . You will become familiar with the various types of music and instruments used for meditation & relaxation purposes.

As a medium, I receive messages from spirit. I ask that no information be given to me prior to or during the reading. I can bring through information from your past, present, or future. I can not guarantee what information will come through during a reading. I may give warnings or cautions during a reading but no negitive information will ever be given. I always ask for positive and healing messages for those during their reading.

I will use psychomertry to read the pictures of your loved ones.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Meditation Classes Available:

Monday 6:00pm-7:00pm. Intro to Meditation. 6 weeks
Monday 7:00pm-8:00pm. Parent Child Meditation 6 weeks
Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm. FREE Group Meditation Circle. Open
Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm. Crystal Chakra Meditation. 6 weeks

Classes run for 6 weeks. Please call when new classes will begin.
Fee: $6.00 each class.
Folder and handouts/journal will be given by the teacher.
Free meditation tape for beginers.

Every Thursday from 6pm - 7pm.
Donations are accepted.

Psychic Readings and Home Parties are by appointment only:
Please call for appointment.
Psychometry Readings- I will read your loved ones pictures during your reading at no extra cost.

30 minute reading - $ 26.00 Tape included.
15 minute reading - $ 18.00 Tape included.

Help with Missing Person Cases.

I am willing to help any person or family regarding a missing person case. I will volunteer my abilities to help you locate your love ones. Please note that I can not guarantee the information that will come through. I ask that only the persons first name be given to me and no other information about the case. I ask when using a psychic for such cases, that you use the messgaes or information as a tool for you to give to the police. If you are working closely with Police or a Priviate Investigator, I ask that you give such inforamtion to them to follow up on and never do any investigating on your own.

If you are able to meet with me in person please email me at aparlette@parlettesplace.com and put "missing person " in the subject line and I will email you back with a phone number you can reach me and we can schedule a time to meet. When we meet I would ask that you bring any items they would use regulary or recently prior to missing. Example, a hair brush, jewlery, photo of the person, clothing. This would help me to connect with their energy and connect with them. It may be necessary to meet a few times to help with the case. This would be only at your discretion.

For thoes who are unable to meet with me in person, please email me at alisa66amp@aol.com and put "missing person 2" in the subject line. I will then email you back with address information & a phone number you can reach me to personally talk with me. I will then ask you to mail me a few items and a picture of the person. I ask that the items you send are not of great value. No expensive jewlery please. I will send all items back to you along with a cassette tape of the reading. Items could consist of a hair brush, clothing, or other personal items that they used. I will mail the items back to you at no charge.

My goal is to assist you and the Police by providing information as a tool to help you reconnect you with your loved ones.

Blessings to you and yours,





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