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100 Shaw Drive
San Anselmo, CA 94960
United States
T: 415-258-0402
F: 258-0635


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Institute of Concious BodyWork


Institute of Conscious BodyWork is the premier N. CA school for therapeutic massage and Conscious Bodywork. We are the developer of NMR (NeuroMuscular Reprogramming) a process of somatic bodywork which accelerates recovery from injury, NMR painlessly improves muscle coordination; reprogramming the patterns governing coordinated movement. NMR provides relief and resolve to chronic dysfunction, pain and immobility. The Institute provides certificate programs in entry, intermediate and advanced levels of somatic bodywork preparing and supporting successful careers in therapeutic massage and Conscious BodyWork(R).

Profile and Credentials        

The Institute provides a comprehensive knowledge of the broad field of somatic education and bodywork. Our graduates are known by employers for the distinct difference in their ability to therapeutically approach a client's needs with hands that are trained to 'listen' & respond with intelligence & intention. As a therapist, you will not learn a choreographed or cookie-cutter massage procedure, but a new language of touch with which to reach, respond to and re-educate living systems.

Our Founder and Director, Jocelyn Olivier has over 30 years of practical experience in the field of somatic bodywork, leading to her creation of Conscious BodyWork(R) and NeuroMuscular Reprogramming. She has been influenced by studies in neuromuscular re-education, applied and educational kinesiology, American Indian and Hawaiian shamanism and Chinese physical therapy . Our teaching staff of over 30 are all successful practitioners with masters level expertise. They provide the highest quality in hands-on training and education, are talented, dynamic, warm and helpful, making this educational experience an extrordinary one!

Philosophy and Comments        

Beyond learned technique, the most powerful tool in massage and bodywork is the kinesthetic conversation between the therapist's hands and the living intelligent system of the body. Massage is a creative conversation where sensation is the information the body uses to reorganize itself. Masters in this process are trained and developed here!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

ABW - Advanced BodyWorker Certificate =300 hours $3825.00*
CBW - Conscious BodyWorker Certificate =570 hours $7720.00*
MBW - Master BodyWorker Certificate =1000 hours $14,789.00*
NMR - NeuroMuscular Reprogramming =72 hours $1445.00*
(specific prerequisites required) *(paid in full)

CEU's Available in addition to individual or custom coursework programs


Institute of Conscious BodyWork, Alive&Well
100 Shaw Drive
San Anselmo, CA 94960
415 258-0402
415 258-0635 FAX




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