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Stewart and Suzanne Blackburn



56 Greenland Cove Road
Bremen, ME 04551
United States
T: 207-529-5225


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Aloha Spirit


Stewart and Suzanne offer individual sessions for Temple Lomi lomi bodywork and Shamanic (Huna) Counseling. Week-long training intensives are also offered.

Hawaiian Shamanism, offers a path for healing and a template for creative, joyful living. Lomi lomi, Hawaiian Shamanic bodywork, creates the conditions for healing, relaxation, powerful energy flow and love. Ancient Hawaiians understood that magic happens naturally when all the right elements are aligned with loving consciousness. You are invited to share in this magic.

Profile and Credentials        

Stewart and Suzanne have received their Huna and Lomi lomi training and are endorsed by Aloha International in Kauai, Hawaii. In addition they have trained extensively with the Body Electric School and with Dr. John Mumford in Om Kara Kriya Tantra.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are naturally inclined toward a state of well being and harmony. Removing blocks to this natural state is our mission. All genders and orientations are welcome in our seaside temple in Maine.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call Aloha Spirit for appointment and for course information. 207-529-5225





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