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Alyse Finlayson



9180 SW Chelan Pl
Beaverton, OR 97008
United States
T: 503-521-1473


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Alyse Finlayson


Soul Interconnection, Angel Portraits
Alyse Finlayson views your angels for you and paints the images they present to her. The angels use the paintings to convey their love and support for you as well as mirroring to you your own innate divinity. All of the images and colors have many messages to support through the use of metaphor and symbolism.
An Angel Portrait is a joyful and welcome personal piece of art that you take away with you along with all the messages and support from your angels. You will bring home a touchstone of your angel and a way to connect with your own divinity visually. It gives you a painting you can view along with all the messages of reassurance and confirmation of your value as a humane being living here on earth.
Each Angel Portrait is unique to the person it is being painted for. Please visit the website to view the gallery of Angel Portraits.
The medium used for the portraits is oil pastel and watercolor pencil on acid free, cold press watercolor paper.

Profile and Credentials        

Alyse is a spiritual artist, shaman, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. She is deeply connected to the angels, devic realm, and power animals. She has received extensive guidance and teaching from them. Alyse shares this with you through the channeled Messages from the Angles, painting your personal guides and communicating their messages, and with the tools of the shaman. This learning and sharing has become a daily practice and leads her on her path through life. Her intention is to assist us to re-member ourselves and to remind us that we are all interconnected through the partnership we all share with the etheric and earth realms.

Philosophy and Comments        

The angel portraits create a tangible physical touchstone to the etheric realm. To begin the portrait, I explain that the client’s angels use the portrait as an opportunity to convey many layers of messages and meanings through the use of metaphor and symbolism. This creates a more round language of information and a way out of our linear thinking. Everything that is shown to me has meaning and messages, from the colors the angels choose to the objects and or backgrounds they include in the image they show me. They use the portrait as a mirror, not only showing how they wish to be viewed but also to give their person a reflection of their own innate divinity. This can often be a part of us that we hide within ourselves. Each portrait is a gift of our own bright light.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Angel Portraits come in 2 sizes
11" x 16", 3 hour session, $168.00
8.5" x 11" 1.5 hour session, $85.00
Local Angel Portrait sessions include, a recorded CD of the messages and conversations with your angels and a 1-oz.bottled angel essence of your angel.
Long distance Angel portraits are painted ahead of a scheduled phone appointment. When completed they are photographed and sent out via email for the client to view while participating in the phone session. Phone sessions are 1 hour and cost $45.00. Payment is through paypal.com Shipping is $10.00 for the US. Overseas will be figured at the time of the portrait. All payments must be made in advance.

Messages from the Angels readings
Local; 1 hour recorded session, $65.00 (no portrait)
by phone, shipping is extra.

Soul Interconnection, Shamanic Healing        

Soul Retrievals the returning of fragmented pieces of the soul. $90.00

Deposession; the removal of attached and unwanted spirit enties, cords, ET's, implants, $90.00

Home and land clearing. Includes finding water, clearing home and land of disincarnted spirits and energies, negative ley lines, microwave, radio, environmental issues, ect. $120.00

I work with Arch Angel Micheal and my power helpers to assist you in healing the fragmented parts of the soul.

This includes assisting you in connection you to your team of inner teachers and guides from the angelic realm and the animal realm. This brings a

Soul Interconnection: Messages from the Angels        

Group Events:

Awakenings of the Heart

1016 SE 12th Avenue,

Portland, Oregon 97214

Every 3rd Friday of the Month

7-9, $15.00 RSVP 503-521-1473

Private group and individual sessions available by appointment



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