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Arcie Mizelle, PhD



School of Natural and Health Sciences
James Monroe University,
T: (877) 569-0435
F: (877) 569-0435


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Charles Darwin Learning Center


Have you dreamed of the opportunity to complete your education in spite of challenges imposed by family, employment or location? What could be more interesting than the study of science or health, and the way we interact with the world around us?

Profile and Credentials        

At the Charles Darwin learning Center it is our goal to provide you with the tools to develop an understanding of the fields of science and health. The fascination with science and more specifically, human health is drawing an ever increasing number of students to the disciplines of natural science and alternative health.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our philosophy is to provide our students with a broad background in science with an emphasis on thinking through everyday questions from a scientific perspective. In addition, we encourage students to see their study of science and health in terms of the connections to themselves, their environment and philosophy, and its historical, social and political contexts.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

What we offer        

The faculty of the Charles Darwin Learning Center represent a diverse collection of educators dedicated to producing high quality programs and assisting our students to meet their educational goals. Whether designed around on-line courses, video, lecture files or other available media, all courses and programs provide for one-to-one student, faculty mentoring. If you have any questions about our programs please feel free to contact us. If our programs do not meet your needs we will be happy to assist you in finding an on-line program with another school.


The Charles Darwin Learning Center has focused educational vision: to provide high quality education to as many people as possible around the world, without regard to nationality, race, sex, physical ability, or religious affiliation. Our web-based educational design breaks down the barriers to traditional educational experiences.


Please take some time and browse through our website. You will find detailed information on all of our programs. We have made an effort to provide you with all the tools necessary to make your study with the Charles Darwin Learning Center rewarding

Contact Information        

Charles Darwin Learning Center
Professor Arcie G. Mizelle, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Natural and Health Sciences
email: mizelle@jamesmonroeuniversity.ac
email: cdlc@ureach.com
Phone # 011-877-569-0435
Fax/Voicemail: 011-877-569-0435

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