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Michael Van Hecke



P.O. Box 1228
Davidson, NC 28036
United States


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Amplified Prayer Therapy, Inc.


APT offers The Healing Church program to congregations and teaches The Jesus Healing System to other groups such as HIV/AIDS, hospice, fibromyalgia support, etc. who want to start a healing circle or other form of hands-on healing group. For more information, see www.amplifiedprayer.com or email mvh@amplifiedprayer.com (please include JHS in subject of message).

Profile and Credentials        

APT has taught hands-on healing classes from Austria to Australia (but mostly in the piedmont region of North Carolina) since 2000. Trained in many modalities, we now offer The Jesus Healing System exclusively. Practitioners have found JHS to be quite powerful regardless of one's faith or religious preference.

Philosophy and Comments        

In 2005 we discontinued individual classes in favor of group classes; however, individuals may participate in distance classes. Our mission is to create healing circles in churches across America so that spiritual healthcare may be available to all. Imagine a world where we tend the sick and love our neighbor simultaneously... the stress-reduction alone would transform our lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

In 2005, APT eliminated tuition fees in order to increase participation by those who are not familiar with hands-on healing. We request that those who attend classes bring a friend who is in need of healing. At the end of the class, we "pass the hat" and request that those who feel so moved generously support this ministry. Distance class participants are requested to provide a fair energy exchange.





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