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Ancient Healing Arts Association



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Ancient Healing Arts Association


AHAA is an organization that seeks recognition by the public, all levels of government, and the health care community. We have a vested interest in protecting the right of our members to practice the Ancient Healing Arts, and to insure the same rights for future practitioners. Members directly contribute to our cause with their annual dues. Our purpose is to develop legislative channels to protect our members right to practice, and the public's right of unfettered choice. We share in the fundamental belief that each individual is in charge of his or her own health. Further, the process of generating optimum health may be facilitated by the use of a wide variety of complementary modalities, that overlap in scope and 'belong' to no particular group to the exclusion of all others.

Profile and Credentials        

Our Intentions:

* To reunite the various Ancient Healing Arts* under a large, inclusive "umbrella" to ensure the public has unfettered, and continuous access to our professions.

* To make available Benefits to our members that will enable them to concentrate on their business. This is accomplished by providing General/Professional Liability programs, Health Benefits, and Life Insurance for them and their family.

* To assist members in securing their futures by dedicating a percentage of your dues, and our profits to pay for Lobbyists and Attorneys to keep the Ancient Healing Arts alive, safe and well.

* To continually search for programs that will benefit our members and promote the Ancient Healing Arts.

If you are concerned about all of the legislation and regulation promoted by other groups, the AHAA is your answer. We will consider for membership only those professionals that can subscribe to the Original Hippocratic Oath. As long as you can abide by this oath, I'm sure there is room for you and your organization with us.

* The Ancient Healing Arts is loosely defined as those that do not cut (surgery), burn (chemical/radiation) or give/prescribe harmful drugs.

Philosophy and Comments        

In the past years, efforts have been made by various groups to regulate the practitioners of most healing arts in one way or another. Some individuals have been forced to abandon their practices entirely. We object to this unnecessary intrusion. We come together in this spirit, to regain some influence into the legislative process, so as to ensure that the only legislation that passes is of the win/win type. We oppose all efforts to impose unnecessary restrictions on our members, brothers and sisters, or the public.

It is a big country, and we can only achieve this if we all work together. Our purpose is to stay informed of any ill conceived notions or unnecessary regulation and stop them before they come back to haunt us. We also plan to make available experts from our various branches to serve as consultants and advisors to our members to assist them in overcoming common problems which may arise from time to time in their chosen fields. That way we can band together and each will not have to reinvent the wheel. We wish to re-claim our lineage to Hippocrates, and practice our calling without unnecessary regulations for the benefit of all on this planet.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We offer liability insurance, professional association, and health benefits for our members.





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