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Serene Hypnotherapy, LLC

Anette Wolski


37625 Ann Arbor Road Ste 112
Livonia, Michigan 48150
United States
T: 7347657630

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I provide hypnotherapy to help alleviate stress and anxiety for general life and work-related issues, as well as medical and dental issues. I can help you improve your self-esteem, manage your weight, find relief for pain, relieve menopause symptoms, and help you manage the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

I am also certified in the Garfield Method of Hypno-Birthing. Deep relaxation childbirth techniques can help you:
-relieve morning sickness
-relieve lower back pain and other discomforts due to body changes during pregnancy
-relieve headaches and other pain that cannot be treated with medications during pregnancy
-shorten delivery time
-recover more quickly after delivery
-decrease or eliminate the need of pain medication during labor and delivery

For those of you who may be searching for a spiritual connection to your current life issues, I also provide past-life regression.

These are just some of the areas in which you might benefit from hypnotherapy. Contact me to see how my services might benefit you.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a licensed social worker in the state of Michigan and a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe we can heal ourselves by tapping into our inner resources. Our subconscious can do marvelous things---we need only access it. I am passionate about hypnotherapy and have experienced its benefits firsthand.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am conveniently located in Plymouth, Michigan. My office is handicapped accessible.

My current hours are M-F, virtual only, due to Coronavirus restrictions. Please contact me to schedule an appointment that best fits your needs.

These certainly are challenging times. Many people are experiencing increased emotional, mental and financial stress. Please call me and we can discuss my current specials.





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