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Kelley and Toni Elkins and Delgado



PO Box 429
Dona Ana, NM 88032
United States
T: 505-382-8771


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Dr Kelley Elkins DC and Toni Delgado MS


A Next Step...light center for emotional healing in Las Cruces New Mexico on the Rio Grande River, southern end of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Toni Delgado MS and Kelley Elkins DC, advocate for maximum healing and growth for each and every client. We facilitate and teach tools to individuals, couples, families and groups that work in healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As Spiritual Healers and Earth Steward Ministers, we work with the energy of the individual to create Personal Transformation and Healing of their Connection to Mother Earth. Using Quantum Dynamics (releases upsets in 10 seconds or less), Conscious Energy Breathing/Rebirthing, Body Electronics, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique and Multi-Level Energy Healing as transmutative tools. Reiki Training, Light Bridge Attunement, Bursting the Body Light breath/meditation, East Indian (Spiritual purification-Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether), Native American and Shamanic traditions also are employed. Much of our work utilizes the power of our Intent and Breath for emotional release to manage and then eliminate the pain of our past. This then can heal our will which is connected to Great Spirit. Great Spirit's will is the Mother of Everything. We support people in addressing and releasing their subconscious and unconscious programs with profoundly powerful tools. To learn more go to our website www.anextstep.org

Profile and Credentials        

A Next Step provides Devoted Body-Mind-Spirit Health Care for a Healing Planet. Kelley is a Shaman--a diplomat in Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), Multi-Level Energy Healer, SHES minister, Reiki Master, Teacher of Quantum Dynamics. He is empathic and highly intuitive. Kelley works his process daily to be more in tune with Mother Father God. Kelley loves the desert and offers Vision Quests and walkabouts. He has lectured with New Mexico Chiropractic Physicians and throughout the state of New Mexico. Toni Delgado MS is a Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward, a Teacher of Quantum Dynamics...an emotional release that lets go of upsets in ten seconds or less. It changes mass into energy and light. Q.D. teaches emotional literacy. It allows emptying the subconscious mind of all that does not vibrate energetically to increase aliveness in the Body-Mind-Spirit-Will. It allows for retrieval of our Lost Will and all parts of self. Toni is empathic and belovedly guided by Source. Toni is also a Conscious Energy Breathing Coach and Teacher, Reiki Master, BEST and MLEH practioner.

Philosophy and Comments        

There is no such thing as an incurable dis-ease, program or tape. There are however, stubborn belief systems. The ability of the mind to "know" that it is in control is simply amazing. You have never ever done anything wrong...and until you get this you are blaming someone, something or yourself and nothing can change or heal. Dr.Arthur P.Guyton,M.D. says that "99% of all sensory input is disregarded by the brain as unimportant." If this is true, then how much of our thinking and feeling are we aware of? Every emotional thought we have ever had is stored in the subconscious and Toni and Kelley have the tools to support you in discovering what they are and what to do with them. Imagine living without blame, critical judgement or guilt. Imagine having the simple technology that can eliminate the above. Would this be Heaven on Earth for you? email us at kelley@anextstep.org

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We work almost 24/7. We are available to facilatate you. Given enough notice, we'll be here for you! We charge $80/hour and occasionally break it down by the half hour at $40. We gladly facilitate individual, family and group sessions including intensives that may be any length. We offer services and information. The information can often be downloaded through email. http://anextstep.org Subscribe to our free monthly newsletter: Tools For Conscious Awareness. You may also receive free via email: Bursting the Body Light Breath Meditation-Cleanse to prepare you for Light Body ignition!


Almost all of us are habituated in our mental processes. We live with an unconscious white knuckle death grip on our rational thought and our control. We do this so we can pretend to feel safe and loved. Toni and Kelley know that our emotional body is far sicker than our physical body. Our physical body simply expresses what is going on in the emotional. Our emotional body has been denied, ignored, abused and held/stuck in guilt since the beginning of time. As a result, the amount of backlog we have opportunity to address is huge. Teaching tools and strategies for emotional release and healing is our expertise. At A Next Step… we can support you in empowering yourself out of victim consciousness and into Union. Reconnection of your Body-Mind-Will-Spirit-Heart is a valuable and necessary part of this process. Your Emotional Body is your Will. We will support you in Right Use of Your Will. In doing this, you will connect to the Mother of Everything and become One with Infinite Wisdom, Energy, Balance, Wholeness and Joy.


Birth and every thought-experience we have ever had has shut down our breathing mechanism. As a consequence, we live in survival mode with our breathing habits. Survival keeps us in mouse breathing--barely oxygenating our bodies. This sets us up for dysfunction, degeneration, dis-ease and unhappiness. Learning to breathe energy as well as air heals the the breathing mechanism and allows us to purify ourselves of the toxic material (conditioned emotional thought-experience-trauma-drama) we hold onto at the cellular level. Conscious Energy Breathing-Rebirthing will raise your self esteem, your self confidence and your ability to cope with all of life’s offerings. It will help you be in charge of your life. Toni has been consciously breathing since 1980 and Kelley since 1986. Rebirthing can heal virtually every dilemma of the human condition. Come free yourself. email us at toni@anextstep.org

QUANTUM DYNAMICS to champion your life!:        

Quantum Dyanmics is a superlative tool that allows us to let go of upsets in 10 seconds or less. Thru an attunement, Q.D. creates a battery pack inside of us to help us transmute our subconscious programming into energy and Light! This is the tool you want to have with you when you go excavating for past memory. It supports you in changing the muck from the past into higher thought and emotion. Quantum Dynamics will support you into emotional literacy and maturity. With Q.D. you will champion old conditioning, programs and tapes that no longer serve you. It is an awesome, simple, powerful technology and is a great adjunct for Counseling, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Rebirthing, Massage, Chiropractic, etc. Q.D. works well with just about any healing modality. It also works fantastically in sweatlodge and other ceremonies and ritual. email us at toni@anextstep.org


These systems of healing address the Body-Mind-Spirit-Will complex in a brilliant and successful manner. B.E.S.T./Advanced B.E.S.T.Multi-Level Energy Healing use non-invasive soft touch. They realign the energies of body-mind-spirit-will of the individual. Recognizing that the body is electric and complex, it has features similar to breaker switches in a house. Whenever we perceive we are going to be harmed or in fact are harmed (ncluding surgery), we throw breaker switches to the "off" position. As a consequence, our “power” gets turned off. With B.E.S.T./ Advanced B.E.S.T./ Multi-Level Energy Healing, the final healing can occur or come to completion. This will happen regardless of elasped time. email kelley@anextstep.org

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