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Angel Connections by Lori

Rev. Lori Healy-Reed


860 W 5th St. #218
San Pedro, CA 90731
United States
T: 310-547-9420
F: 310-547-9420

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I am a Lightworker, Intuitive Counselor and a Channel for Spirit, the Angel of Abundance and Elohim Angel Arcturus. I have been selected to be a spiritual healer doing Higher Consciousness Work through psychic angel tarot readings and spiritual counseling. In addition, I have developed Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki as a means of assisting healing of spirit as well as mind and body. My tools of choice for Divination are the Tarot and an amethyst crystal pendulum for dowsing. SPECIAL: CALL OR EMAIL FOR ONE FREE QUESTION! 310-547-9420; lori@angelconnectionsbylori.com

Profile and Credentials        

Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher; Reiki Master Healer; Psychic Angel Reader;

Certified Tarot Reader;

BA Degree;


Philosophy and Comments        




Your Psychic, Angel, Tarot, or Business Reading can shed light and direct you to abundance and the fullness of life. Thinking positively brings about abundance because it attracts good things to your life. Allow me to help you through the Angel of Abundance, to influence your life, to empower you to make money and have financial success, to enable you to have happiness, health, harmony and love, and to increase your level of spirituality with positive energy, hope, grace and light.

With the help of the Angels, I can improve your sensitivity to your soul mate, children, family, friends, and counsel you through your pain, suffering, depression and grief. Your personal Tarot Reading will show your strengths, weaknesses and obstacles, and light up your future.

I am an Intuitive Counselor, a Light Worker, and have been selected to be a channel of Spirit and the Angels to lead you to a stronger level of higher consciousness, to empower you to validate yourself and find your spirit, so you can have strength during the hard times, have health and healing, enjoy peace and harmony with yourself, those close to you, and the Universe. As an Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher and Guide, I can send you healing and an awakening of Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki energy.

As a Spiritual, Personal and Business Advisor, my Paranormal Gifts are strengthened and enabled through Divination with the Tarot and Dowsing with the pendulum. You will be given guidance and direction with integrity and compassion, very practical, realistic and down-to-earth, to assist you in problem solving and decisions.

With the inspiration of Spirit and the Angel of Abundance and Arcturus my elohim angel guide, I will free you to proceed successfully on the path of life, be filled with peace, maintain a positive attitude, and be surrounded by the love and protection of the Angels. Call or Email now for your Psychic Angel Reading and Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki Healing Energy!

My prayer for you is Peace, Health, Abundance and Love, I am Your Lori!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


PRICE is in USD;

20 minutes----------$50.00;

30 minutes----------$75.00;

45 minutes----------$100.00;

60 minutes---------$150.00

Reiki Classes and Attunements also available as well as Arcturus Violet Flame Awakenings.

AVAILABLE 6 DAYS, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 9:00-9:00 ;SATURDAY 10:00-9:00; PACIFIC TIME. READINGS BY PHONE OR IN PERSON. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR AN APPOINTMENT. I accept credit cards internationally through my merchant account Authorize.net, Google Checkout, or PayPal.





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