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Artisan Reflections

Mary Angela Brown


Estero, FL 33928
United States
T: 239-450-0317


Woodburning. The name evokes feelings of another era. A time best suited to legend and fable. And this is the vein of artistry that my work taps into.

The intricate detail, the precision and grace of it are captivating to me. Fire to wood, elemental and creational. It is an inspiring medium, well suited to the images that choose to grace it. A a graduate of the Barbara Brennan College of Healing, I am finding that my art is a part of my healing work. All of who I am expresses as pure creativity flowing into the world.

Original woodburnings are available, some framed, some with custom mosaic frames. Prints are also available in brilliant cream matting, in standard frame sizes of 18 x 24 or 11 x 14.

Please visit my web-site for pricing and additional works at: www.artisanreflections.com

Mosaics of stained glass and semi-prescious bead work are also a passion of mine, fulfilling a deep desire to create beauty with color and precise and graceful order. These creations utilize archetypal patterns that speak of underlying structures. My attempt to define what I feel, in a world that does not readily reflect my knowing.

Meanings for each piece can be read on my web-site. www.artisanreflections.com

Profile and Credentials        

While I have been an artist all of my life, and have worked specifically with Woodburning for the past 8 years, it was in 2007 that I decided to move into art & healing as my full time career. Living my passion and my joy as I focus my creativity into my livelihood, is a challenging and worthwhile endeavor.

I believe we are the verge of a paradigm shift in this world. And each of us who chooses to find and live a passionate and joyful life, adds to the momentum of this unstoppable change.

Graduate of the Maryland Institute College of

Art (1983)

Graduate of the Barbara Brennan College of Healing (2006)

web-site: www.artisanreflections.com

Philosophy and Comments        

As a race, we are poised on the brink of new era. The turning of an age. In this environment, we are all being called to release out-dated beliefs and images that bind the collective soul of humanity. Freedom. The call sounds forth into our deepest being, to begin living our dreams, to find joy in our lives, and to be who we truly are. This alone will transform our world into the heaven it was always meant to be.

As an artist and a healer I find my heart opening to this call, this primal awakening. And it is reflected in my work. The call of the New World, if we are courageous enough to follow as the heart leads. A truly magical time to be alive, as wonder and grace re-emerge; passion and creativity are re-awakened; and Love is embraced as who we are.


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioned original pieces at: artisanreflections@comcast.net 239-450-0317 EST

My web-site has the woodburning images seen here and more, available as prints in matted(cream) sizes of 18 x 24 or 11 x 14.


It usually takes at least 3 weeks to woodburn an image. The drawing is done in pencil directly on the wood, and then the intricate process of burning begins.

Mosaic work (depending on size) takes two months to complete.

The piece shown here reflects the rising of the Greater Sun on a new way of being in this world. The time of Freedom has arrived, and the Nature Kingdom heralds this long-awaited arrival.

Size: 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. Made from stained glass and semi-precious beadwork. (citrine, malachite, tiger's eye, and two kinds of jasper)

Feather Light        

This work reflects a vision I had of the pure power of the peacock to access great luminous Light thru his stunning array of feathers, stepping down the frequency thru his being, and helping to anchor this Light into the Earth. This mosaic work is 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. It is made of stained glass and semi-precious beadwork (turquoise, aqua-marine, jasper, onyx and delicate copper colored potato pearls)

Dragonfly Portal        

This piece captures the shamanistic flow of feeling which is the cornerstone of my art. Made from stained glass and semi-precious pearls of copper and cream, with a delicate edging of jasper. The center portal is a piece of jewelry - a dragonfly. It is 14.5 inches in diameter.

Please visit my web-site for pricing and additional pieces. www.artisanreflections.com

Adriadne Daughter of Poseidon        

This work is my "Adriadne-Daughter of Poseidon" woodburning 5 x 7 print framed in a custom mosaic beadwork creation of stunning ocean colors,shells from the west coast of Florida, and lovely "treasure" accents.

Size: 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches

Wisdom Turtle Mosaic        

This work is a mosaic beadwork creation. An elegant and precise note, that captures a single strand of an immense essence. Turtle wisdom. It has the feel of a totem sheidl.

size: 18 inches in diameter by 2 inches deep.

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