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Karen Bianco



cherry hill, NJ 08034
United States
T: (856) 207-7282


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Angel Essence Massage


Angel Card Readings delivered directly to your email address.

I connect with your angels and guides and pass on to you their loving messages

Massage and Bach Flower Consultations appointmentsalso available

Recieve a message from your angels during your massage using a blend of essential oils and Bach® Flower Essences, determined by your unique needs at the time of the session.

Massage Practitioner
Bach®Flower Consultant
Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Profile and Credentials        

Associates in Applied Science, Camden County College

Certification in Massage Therapy, Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies

Training in Bach Flower Essences, Hudson Center of Healing Arts, and The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Angel Therapy Practitioner®
certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD

I am member in good standing of ABMP.

I am a member of A.R.E.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have chosen to focus on bringing relaxation to my clients lives. I am blessed with the knowledge that we are not alone in this life. We all possess the ability to call on the divine for guidance, love, and healing in our lives. Our angels are standing by, waiting for us to call on them for help in all areas of our lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


half hour angel reading via email $30.00

hour angel reading via email $60.00

Bach Flower Consultations and Massage available at a local wellness center call or email for schedule and directions. $60.00 per hour .

Bach Flower Consultations        

Discovered in the 1920's by Dr. Edward Bach. The Bach Flower Essences are a safe and natural way to bring emotional balance to your life. Consultation will include an introduction to the essences and accessment of your needs. We will discuss which essences would be most helpful to you.

As a free gift after your consultation you are invited to create your own treatment bottle of the Bach Flower Essences.

Angel Healing        

During a healing session I call on your angels and guides for guidance on how to serve you best. I receive loving messages for you from heaven. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner® I work with the angels and ascended masters to bring about peace and healing to all. Your angels love you unconditionally and are with you always.


Each breath you take is an opportunity to let it all go.....

Sink into your wildest dreams.

Be in the silence, Rest.

Your angels are here

Unconditional love and unlimited help.

The Saints send love and healing.

Ascended masters share ancient knowledge.

The Goddess Clan has plenty of advice, and is ready to help.

The Elementals encourage play and enviromental responsibility.

In the still of the silence,

You hear their loving messages.

You feel their healing compassion.

You let it all go......

Rest, in the still of the silence.


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