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Elena Christian



Salem, OR 97301
United States
T: 503-551-3939




Angel Healing


I channel information during distance Reiki sessions and relay information from angels, guides and loved ones to the client. Systemic diseases, chronic illnesses and injuries can respond well to Reiki.
Reiki is LOVE.

Profile and Credentials        

Ordained minister, Reiki III practitioner, energy worker, crystals and gem stones, many years experience as channel and professional psychic. Work with energy systems.

Philosophy and Comments        

Reiki is Love.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Evenings and weekends, though time does not matter with distance healing. Fee:$55.00 10% discount for new clients and referrals. A separate, full length reading alone is also $55. A short, one question reading is inlcuded with the distance healing session. Please ask about long term healing situations.

A message from your angels        

Angels are beings that bring healing and peace to everyone who asks. They can take away fear, pain and confusion and bring you to unlimited peace and prosperity. I channel messages and healing with my angelic guides in relation to yours. Through the application of Reiki energy and the use of crystals and gemstones, I help the client to release patterns of illness and heal. Through the reading of energy patterns which present themselves to me as detailed images, I locate the source of the illness or dis-ease and send the energy of reiki with traditional and non traditional techniques.




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