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Angels by Sharae


Angel Paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journey. God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings and their reaction to the Love & Light that projects from these " Living " works of Art. Guardian Angels and Archangels work through Sharae delivering their messages of Light. Her purpose is to deliver artwork that has a " message ". Art your soul responds too.

" Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing through Angel therapy in the form of fine art. "

Personalized Angel paintings ... Guardian Angel, Archangel, Relationhips, Sympathy & Comfort, Family Angel portrait, Indigo Child and the Crystal Child ... each painting is an original created specifically for the individual, individuals or family. Makes an excellent gift ...
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Profile and Credentials        

I am a well known Intuitive Angel Artist whose paintings are in world wide collections and her works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan,Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Artist and Author. I have also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors like Alma Daniels author of "Ask Your Angels" . My Angel paintings are featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD by Llewellyn and New World Music and was featured in the February 2005 issue of Planetlightworker.com. I am a published author in magazines and ezines. My credentials also include being an ordained minister of an Interdominational Church and second degree Reiki and I incorporate this in my paintings as much as possible. To view more of my Angelic art and for further information visit my website at: http://www.angelsbysharae.com

My Angel paintings have been used in web design & magazine articles and are in offices and healing centers and special needs centers for children. Fine art, Angel gifts, Angel prints, greeting cards, children's portraiture, whimsical children's art. Writing & illustrating my own children's books for future publication. Angel coffee table book soon to be published and also " Divine Intervention " card and book set. One of my articles was recently published in the July issue of Mystic Pop magazine. My purpose is to deliver artwork that has a " message ". I specialize in personalized Guardian Angel paintings with a personalized message from the individual's Angel, Archangels and Relationship Angels. My website has an extensive gallery of my works.

Philosophy and Comments        

I truly believe we are here to make a difference and if something comes into your awareness it is our responsibilty to respond in whatever way we can. We are all healers and the talents that come easily and naturally and from the heart are truly what we are supposed to be doing with our lives ... responding with the heart.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I accept commissions ( orders for custom paintings ). Please contact me or visit my website for more information on the Guardian Angel, Archangel and Relationship paintings and what other Angel paintings, Angel prints and Religious prints I offer and soon to come "Angel Gifts by Sharae". Take the time to visit my extensive galleries of samples of my work and see what resonates with your soul...

©1995-2005 Sharae's Angels Fine Art. All art Images and studio image ~ all rights reserved by the artist. No reproductions authorized without permission.

Message for Healers and Caregivers        

Guardian Angel paintings I have painted for care givers and their clients seems to give them great comfort. I have been asked to create Guardian Angel paintings of people that have recently passed and ordered by one of the family members and this also brought comfort to the one that was grieving. Presently I am working on one that is for the living twin whose first birthday is coming up. The other twin died in childbirth and the mother wants to have this done for the first birthday of both of the twins. I do know this brings comfort and great peace in whatever way a healing is needed.

Angelic Art Heals        

As more and more alternative and spiritual healings are being studied and documented they are finding that all forms of upliftment heals the body, mind and spirit. Sharae's Angelic art falls within this category by uplifting the spirit. Sharae does not claim her Angel paintings create physical healings. Her paintings soothe the emotions and create a more peaceful atmosphere helping today's society deal with the stressful world we now find ourselves in on a day to day basis."Each day, more and more documented proof is coming through from the medical fields proving that Art and Music are truly a recognized healing tool to be used by everyone. Whether it be in participation, gazing upon or listening ... Art heals. This has always been known in the Alternative and Holistic medicines, but now is being used more and more in the traditional medicines opening up a whole new train of thought causing many, many positive results benefiting all. I look forward to it becoming an everyday occurrence ... just as a standard prescription is used." Sharae also states "This does not take the place of traditional medicine. If a individual has a health problem they do need to seek out their physician.Healing With The Angels, by Doreen Virtue who also authored Angel Therapy, " teaches esoteric and practical methods that help you work with your Angels in healing your relationship, family and body issues." Angel or Angelic art is an extension of this therapy.

Angels DVD        

Internationally renowned Angel artist, Sharae Taylor of Angels by Sharae announced today her original painting "Mother Mary Believe" is featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD in the United Kingdom, produced by Llewellyn(www.llewellynmusic.com) for New World Music(www.newworldmusic.com/uk)."I am thrilled with this new avenue for my work. All of my Angel paintings have a strong message and "Mother Mary Believe" has such a special message of hope for humanity. "Mother Mary Believe" will be included in my new "Angel Messages for Humanity" collection series of limited edition giclee prints so everyone will be able to enjoy this beautiful painting and message."Mother Mary Believe" should appeal to just about everyone, no matter what your religion or belief is. I am so honored for this painting to be given such notoriety and will be able to reach so many. Llewellyn does a magnificent job in music, video and DVD production. He truly puts his whole heart and soul into his works, whether it be his own personal music and video's or works that he produces for others. I couldn't have planned this on my own, there is a definite message "Mother Mary Believe" has to deliver," says Sharae of Angels by Sharae. Painting can be viewed on Sharae's website (www.angelsbysharae.com)

Indigo and Crystal Children - Angel Artist on Assignment        

The Angel artist is pushed out of her comfort zone once again and given a new assignment from the Divine. Assignment being to work with the new era of children on our planet at this time ... The Indigo and Crystal Children who's special assignment is humanitarianism, working for the good of the whole. They are highly gifted and talented and of a new energy level requiring a different type of emotional support system than the children that have come before them. Sharae of Angels by Sharae (www.angelsbysharae.com) has been given a new type of Angel painting in addition to the other types of Angel paintings she creates ... these are to calm, balance and restore the energies od the Indigo and Crystal Children sometimes known as the Starseed and Rainbow children also ... this is why they are instilled with and bring the energies of the additional Angel that has been assigned to these special children. You can view these paintings or order one on her sitewww.angelsbysharae.com

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