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Dr. Christine King



Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
T: (425) 876-1179


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Dr. Christine King


Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses

The focus of my practice is on restoring and maintaining good health and well-being:
* Manual & movement therapies - hands-on techniques for identifying and resolving areas of tension, soreness, and resistance
* Nutritional therapy - using foods as the building blocks for good health and well-being
* Homeopathic support - using remedies aimed at optimizing the body's natural repair processes
* Exercise therapy - tailored exercise programs to aid recovery, restore balance, rebuild fitness, and avoid reinjury

My goal is to provide you with simple tools you can use to optimize your horse's health and well-being, better manage existing problems, and recognize and resolve minor problems in the future before they result in injury or illness.

Profile and Credentials        

Hi! I'm Dr. Chris King. Im a conventionally trained veterinarian who has followed an interest in complementary and alternative therapies and, as a result, developed a deep commitment to practicing veterinary medicine in a truly integrative way - combining the best of conventional medicine with the various natural therapies I've learned about that may be of benefit to my patients. Here is a brief overview of my credentials:
* equine veterinarian with 20 years experience
* advanced training in equine medicine and surgery
* Master's degree in equine exercise physiology (equine sports medicine)
* accomplished author and speaker
* first, last, and always a horse lover

Philosophy and Comments        

These are my guiding principles as a veterinarian:
1. Every horse is unique.
2. Evaluate and treat the whole horse - body, mind, and spirit.
3. Good health is the horse's natural state, and the horse's body is the healer.
4. Provide the horse's caregiver with tools for optimizing health and healing.
5. Listen.

I also integrate medical intuitive skills, animal communication, and energy work into my practice, while being respectful of the beliefs of the animal's caregiver regarding these tools.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

8am-5pm Pacific time, Mon-Fri
please e-mail or call for more information





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