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Anna Raimondi



PO Box 253
Hanapepe, HI 96716
United States
T: (808)335-3442


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Anna Means Grace


Rainbow colored images of mystical impressions of the people,places and spirits I love. Many of my images are of the Angel realm. Some them are a record of my understanding of a spiritual reality... lots of movement and lots of color,there are acrlic paintings, drawings in colored pencil, charchol and pastels.Giving lessons,drawing people and experiences.

Please visit my Profile and you will find five galleries of my work.

Profile and Credentials        

I have lived and worked on the Island of Kauai since Feb.7,1993. The wild natural tropical beauty creates an enviroment of healing energy unlike any other. My art and life reflect this place and time with gratitude and light. I studied painting and drawing in many places with many teachers; in private studios and Universities in Florida and California ...

from the age of fourteen I have been commited to being an artist and in 1996 I opened and ran a Gallery for seven years sending art all over the globe from our little town in Kauai.

In 2008 and I set up a Gift Shop and Gallery in The Storybook Theater of Hawaii.I have moved on in 2010 and am now exclusively selling art on line and from my home. I always welcome anyone who wants to talk or share.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have been fascinated with the rich traditions of spiritual art in the west and east and beleve that color,line and plane are natural mediums for the expression of Spirit. My work has been affected by the work and writing of Vassily Kandinski and Carl Young.

As a young struggeling artist I beleived that if my work could help heal one soul my struggles and life would not be in vain. As a mature artist I relized I had saved one life...my own. So I offer the work to inspire,comfort and give hope to any who may find it there.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Anna can be found in Hanapepe town at 3871 C Hanapepe road and offers a rare and comfortable showing at her home by appointment only. for appointment call Anna at 808-335-3442

The King of Earth        

Now This site is our online Gallery and we are now selling prints and have a shop with many of our images on cups, pillows, sketch books, and T-shirts and more. www.cafepress.com/annaartkauai

The Chariot,,,from The Creators Path Tarot        

In January 2007 I finished one of the most sustaained series of related images so I am presenting, Creators Path Tarot22 two foot by 3 foot acrlic paintings on canvass...

The Fool~from The Creators Path Tarot        

The beginning the innocent heart "Buddah" Mind when the world is fresh and we are "ontop" !

The Totem of Awakening        

This drawing was in response to one of those AHA ! moments it is a large pastel drawing.

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