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anne robinson


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Jungian analysis is an in-depth self-exploration of both the conscious and unconscious aspects of an individual's personality.

Initially, most people enter analysis because of some stress or crisis in their lives. Jungian analysis involves a gradual process of exploring both the painful and obvious symptoms connected with the distress as well as the underlying root causes of the problem. This process is both relieving and healing, releasing the individual from otherwise repetitive and distressing feelings and behaviors.

There are some individuals that are not in such distress but feel their lives lack purpose and vitality. Self-exploration and dream analysis can unlock inner creativity and energy that is otherwise buried deep inside.

Finally there are individuals who are interested in deepening their self-awareness through an exploration of their unconscious. No matter what the motivation, analysis is a collaboration of two people devoted to the healing and creative expansion of one of them.

Profile and Credentials        

Anne Robinson lives and practices in Durango Colorado. She is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland. She has been a practicing analyst for eleven years.

Anne also holds masters degrees in Counseling and Clinical Psychology.

She also earned a certificate in Yoga Studies that informs her mind-body approach to analysis.

Philosophy and Comments        

Analysis can benefit anyone at any stage of his or her life. The length of analysis is arbitrary, based upon the determination of both the analyst and analysand. Of course, any person engaged in analysis can terminate the process at any time. A minimum of one sixty minute session per week is recommended the keep the momentum of the process vital. Analysis is an investment towards an improved mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life. It is not a quick fix and requries patience and sensitivity to the individual's unique unfolding process.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Ms. Robinson's work hours are flexible. The cost of analysis is $80. per hour. Fees on a sliding scale are considered according to an individual's ability to pay. Analysis is a private, confidential endeavor and third party payments and insurances are not accepted.

Anne also conducts ongoing dream groups. A dream group can be a wonderful introduction to working with dreams for those who are not interested in the commitment of a personal analysis. Call or email for information and availability.





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