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Suzanne O'Brien



North Plainfield/Hillsbor, NJ 07060
United States
T: (609)933-4119




Artistic&Spiritual Endeavors


Artist to do custom painted designs in your N.J. home or business;Murals,stencils,decorative... 30+ years experience as artist. Degree in Art. Also Reiki Master/Teacher,for people and pets. Located in Hillsborough. This healing energy helps with all types of health issues.Also mediumistic phone readings avail. Connect to departed loved ones. Check out website for earth-friendly products and to view artwork.

Profile and Credentials        

Have a Bachelor's degree in Art and bio. from Montclair State College. 30+ years experience painting and attending various art classes and schools. Member and Insured through S.A.L.I.(artists organization) Certified Reiki Master,Certified Medical Intuitive through The Mystery School,Certified level II in Reconnective HealingTM, Trained in mediumship through school in North Jersey.

Philosophy and Comments        

Beautiful art can be inspirational and spiritually uplifting not only in creating it, but in enjoying it. It is hoped that my artwork brings these positive feelings to all who come in contact with it. All that is,is energy. We are constantly expending our energy so it is always needing to be replaced. The purest form of energy is Light. Energy Healers transfer this Light into the client. Because energy cannot be destroyed only tranformed, the process we call death is only a transformation of one's energy. We never cease to be. Mediumship aims to use this fact to help bring peace of mind to those suffering through grief or just needing validation.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Artwork $100. consultation fee Job=$60.-$100.per sq. foot rough est., $600.minimum. Reiki hours by appointment.$75. an hour session. *New Clients* get 2 sessions for $120. A savings of $30. Packages also available. 6 hour long sessions for $400.(a savings of $50.) or 12 hour long sessions for $775.(a savings of $125.) $40. for a half hour phone reading.





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