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Sharon Puszko



7434 A King George Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46260
United States
T: 317-722-9896
F: 317-722-0511


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Day Break Geriatric Massage Institute


DAY-BREAK is an institute that encourages and teaches the use of skillful hands-on work to make life more enjoyable for the elderly by helping them to maintain their health and often to regain physical capabilities that seemed to be lost.

Profile and Credentials        

Approved Catagory "A" providers with the NCBTMB

Licensed continuing Education providers in Florida

Philosophy and Comments        

We are competent massage therapists, not physicians. We do not diagnose disease or prescribe medication. We do evaluate the client's physical condition on the basis of his/her doctors report, esp. in respect to possible contraindications to specific massage techniques.
While there is the undeniable fact that just plain TOUCH is a valuable tool, it is definitely only one of the factors that can help you to improve your geriatric client's condition. Pure touch is the key that lets you in the door, but what you are doing once you are inside is what really counts.

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