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Ash Riot



Surrey, BC V3S8V6
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Ash Riot


If you happen to like rock n' roll, and are inspired by the rebellion of punk rock, past and present, if you like to dance and jump, have a broken heart or one on the mend, Ash Riot has something that you can relate to ...... This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again is the full length album from Vancouver Canada singer-songwriter Ash Riot."This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again" is the story of a 21 year-old artist with true rock ‘n roll spirit whose poetic lyrics could stitch the wounds of any hungry soul, rising from one experience to another, whether it be painful, beautiful, pensive or observant.

Profile and Credentials        

After independently putting out one acoustic EP(Urban Rain) in 2000, the four song EP debuted in the #4 spot in Discorder Magazine the same month as its release. It also acquired radio play on Vancouver’s indie radio station CITR, and Ash herself made some live performance appearances on the same station. The CD made it into the hands of Trigger,www.girlgigs.com , whose influence on women artists inspired Ash enough to start playing shows of her own. Soon, she was playing at venues such as the Railway Club, The WISE Hall, and various places along the West Coast. Many main stages and clubs later, she’s performed with recording artists: Carole Pope, Alix Olson, Pamela Means, Ember Swift, Betty (L Word), Hector, Yvette, Fruit (Australia), Evalyn Parry, Rae Spoon, Duvallstar, just to name a few.

Ash has a way of holding the audience in the palms of her hands. With each song she punches through the speakers she’s sure to keep them within her grasp. From the true punk rock spirit that she unleashes, to the old school rock n’ roll that’s constantly sifting through her veins, she’s setting the audience on fire with her energy and originality.

With her new record "This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again", she’s ready to hold the gaze of rock n’ rollers abroad. Produced, mixed and recorded by Rick Boulter (Cosmic Pig Studios) and mastered by Jamie Sitar (Bif Naked, Randy Bachman, Swollen Members, Default, Theory of a Dead Man, Crowned King etc; http:/www.suitesoundlabs.com) the record takes on an emotion of it’s own with each new heart that bleeds through the audio roller coaster. One song after another, it becomes more apparent that having a broken heart is just as good as having revenge through artistic flair. Whether it be to a lover, to a nation, or to herself, there isn’t a book of emotion left unread or a pile of secrets left unturned. If one theme is tattooed upon the skin of these twelve songs, it’s that to understand oneself, is to understand the relationship of humanity within its unity and its dissonance.

Upon the albums release, October 20, 2005 Ash has been performing constantly and getting airplay and rave reviews in print and on the air! She plans to support the album with a video for her first single "Glamour Glamour" which will be ready for release in early Feb ruary, 2006 followed by tours currently being setup. Until then…just watch and listen.



Urban Rain EP - 2000

This Time I'll Forgive You...Again! - October 2005. Listen to four tracks at www.ashriot.com or www.myspace.com/ashriot . Cd available at A & B Sound & HMV stores in Canada and online with www.cdbaby.com or www.towerrecords.com and www.bestbuy.com go to search and type "ash riot"

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


New York Dolls, Hole, Nirvana, TSOL, Joan Jett, Johnny Thunders, Mudhoney, The Smiths, Rancid, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, PJ Harvey, Bikini Kill, Buzzcocks, Elastica, etc;


Currently On The Agenda:

Ash is included on three compilations:

-Grrrls With Guitars Volume 3 (Maximum/Universal)

-Tune Tank SXSW New Generation 2006

-Music BC Compilation "In The Mix"

-Ash Riot is being played on RANCID RADIO on XM! Tim Armstrong gave Ash a call and informed her that he liked her music and wanted to play her on his bands radio show! So tune in and hear it for yourself!

-Ash has been added on regular rotation at 1580 Indie Mix, which has three live radio stations in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago, also eight songs on rotation on www.iradiola.com in LA.



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