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Celeste Kelley


Escondido CA
Escondido, CA 92029
United States
T: 760-294-4526


Celeste Kelley

ASK CELESTE, Consultant

Radio show "ASK THE STARS"

previously on wsRadio.ws

Profile and Credentials        

**Celeste has been a professional astrologer for 40+ years.

**Started the Astro-Logic School of Astrology in San Bernardino in the late '60's.

**Taught Astrology at San Bernardino Valley College 1972.

**Designed and taught a simplified chart erection system before computers!

**Authored and was the subject of numerous articles over the years

**Assisted STARSCROLLS to get their 900 line active in 1991, trained and coached a number of the astrologers in advanced techniques.

** Has taught for OASIS and the Metaphysical Library most recently

** Written a book, "ANGELS 'N THE STARS" to be published in early 2010.

** Has maintained an international clientele of private clients over the years.

** Consults on timing, wedding dates, bridal reports, party planning providing entertainment and private readings, gift suggestions, understanding your baby and child.

**Held workshops and seminars revolving around astrology and counseling services.

**Specializes in career counseling, relationships and compatibility counseling.

**Finding lost articles is something that she relishes.

Philosophy and Comments        

Celeste believes that Truth lies within you and given the right circumstances and the safety to relax and be open to new information you will come to your own conclusions. You are always the final test for any belief system or tool for enlightenment. Learn to trust your own intuition.

Celeste does not "believe" in astrology, she says it is a tool, a tool to understand yourself and others better. She has been a lightworker for most of her life and she encourages you to investigate the tools that speak to you. She is always available to encourage and support you in your search for Truth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Celeste has office hours weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm.

all work is done by appointment via the phone or e-mail.

Reports on Understanding your Child, Compatibility with spouse, child, boss, friend or other can be provided by e-mail.

Holiday charts, readings and reports make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Consult www,Askceleste.com for current FEES and specials.





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