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Gustavo Castaner


Miami, FL 33182
United States


Auric Ultimate Calibration specializes in Golden DNA Activation, 12 Strand DNA Activation for the Angelic Human DNA Template plus 24 and 48 Strand Activation for Indigos. Founder Gustavo Castañer also focuses on assisting others to manifest higher frequency relationships. Using the most advance remote healing techniques and Sacred Geometry Codes from the Absolute Harmonic Realms, Gustavo Castaner is guided by your Higher Self to activate your DNA and remove the highest priority energy blockages and karmic imprints. Results from this powerful work include increased joy, health, wealth and spiritual awareness. His sessions raise people's frequency so they can start attracting new places, events, things, clients, business contracts, soul mates and people that are more in line with their desires.

Profile and Credentials        

Gustavo Castaner is Certified Golden DNA Activation© Facilitator, DNA Master Practitioner, Transcendental Rebirthing™ Trainer, Quantum Touch and Core Transformation and he is the creator and founder of AuricCalibration.com. He was initiated as Swami Arjunananda into the Maitri Violet-Silver Chord Order. He specializes in the Healing of the Male-Female Rift into the Female-Male Sacred Union and understands the specifics of this in detail, including the DNA blockages that are behind this, and knows what requires to be done on each person and the collective to clear it. He uses effective techniques to be able to connect to anyone in the world to energetically dis-engage energy blockages that are causing illness in order to experience immediate healing. His sessions are done with unconditional love and provide lifelong results.

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Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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