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Arrachme Uddin



P.O. Box 7095
Asheville, NC 28802
United States
T: 828-230-6613


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Awakening Woo


Awakening Woo books, art, and music create a whimsical look at spiritual modalities and experience that anyone can relate to and leave with a good belly laugh. Your true life stories are requested by email and may be used in future editions. The art is available for purchase. It creates a shift of conciousness to joy. Anyone that has ever worked on personal growth will find "Woo" to be a fun reflection. Don't Suffer-Laugh.

Profile and Credentials        

Arrachme is the grand-daughter of a spiritual master from India and has spent a life time actively commited to working on personal growth while lending a compasionate ear as a spiritual coach, intuitive business counselor, and coach for clear abundance manifestation. She speaks only from true experience in both education in the arts and abundance that she has created in her own life. Walking-The-Talk

Philosophy and Comments        

In the spirit of a true humanitarian path she has been blessed with the ability to offer these in-service gifts as a free service and continues to do so. Now the books, music, and art reveal how all this is possible. Giving-Is-Love. Love-Is-Consciousness

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Arrachme is always available to lend an ear. For books, art, and music pricing see the website





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