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Ann Weiser Cornell



2625 Alactraz Ave., #202
Berkeley, CA 94705
United States
T: 510-666-9948
F: 510-666-9938


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Focusing Resources


Are you going through a time of transition? Are you facing one or more serious decisions? Are you experiencing any blocks to taking action? Would you like to have a more nurturing relationship with your body and your emotional life?
Empower yourself: learn Focusing, shown by research to be the essence of effective personal change, a skill that you will find helpful every day of your life. Learn to trust your own inner sense of rightness for the decisions and choices of your life.

Profile and Credentials        

Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD (Linguistics), learned Focusing from Eugene Gendlin (author of "Focusing") in 1972. Ann is author to the book "The Power of Focusing: A Practical Guide to Emotional Self-Healing" from New Harbinger Publications.

Philosophy and Comments        

A guided Focusing session is a way that you can have an experience of how the Focusing process works for you. Ann guides with gentle suggestions and by following your process. You can always say if something doesn't fit for you. It is YOUR session. The process is gentle, respectful, and empowering.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Ann offers Focusing workshops, training programs, retreats, and individual guided sessions (by phone or in person).
Visit the Focusing Resources web site at www.focusingresources.com for the latest schedule of events and workshops, as well as for fee information and to order Focusing materials such as books and tapes.





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