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Thomas Strizak



PO Box 756
Black Canyon City, AZ 85324
United States
T: 888-442-0449
F: 775-402-2328


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Thomas-John: Strizak


AzUniMags.com / Arizona Unipole Magnetics sells the Dr. Philpott designed and approved made in the USA Polar Power Magnets. We offer a complete online selection of NEGATIVE field proper polarity biomagnets. Magnetics for all Dr. Philpott disease prevention / reversal protocols are available here, even the 400 LB Super Bed Grid for Cancer. Over 40 magnetic therapy books and research reports with protocols. We have been providing excellence in service on the internet since 6/2000.

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Solutions, not side effects.

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If you would like to participate in The Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic Research Project please contact us. Doctor Philpott currently prescribes magnetic protocol and is a member of the review board for this FDA approved research project.

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