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Barbara Royal



111 Pike View Avenue
Woodland Park, CO 80863
United States
T: 719-687-1191


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Barbara Rose Royal


The purpose of my work is to assist you in awakening to your Inner Creator so you may achieve health, happiness and the limitless supply of everything you need in your life. I use the following tools, some which can be learned and adapted to a new or existing spiritual practice:

  • Feeling-Based, Affirmative Prayer
  • Angel Therapy
  • BioSpiritual Healing
  • Surrogation
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Serving humankind, globally, from the Colorado Springs area
  • Profile and Credentials        

  • Spiritual Director, certified by Benet Hill Center
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
  • BioSpiritual Healing Facilitator
  • Master Prayer Practitioner
  • Volunteer spiritual mentor, Pikes Peak Mental Health
  • Volunteer for Adoptable Animal Rescue Force (AARF)
  • Peace Visioning Circle Leader for the Global Renaissance Alliance
  • Member of the Prayer Team of Unity Church in the Rockies
  • Member of the Prayer Network of the Quartus Foundation

    The tools of my practice are:

    Feeling-Based, Affirmative Prayer, which has been retrieved from twenty-five hundred year old texts. This form of prayer provides the means for harmonizing and co-creating directly with God through thought (intention), the bodily feeling that the thing you desire is already present and the emotion of love.

    Angel Therapy and/or BioSpiritual Healing promote alignment with your Inner Creator. I enlist the aid of the heavenly beings in both processes. These beings open the door to Self-awareness and communication with your Inner Wisdom. While in this state, you will transform limiting beliefs, allowing the thing or condition you called for in prayer to manifest. Angel Therapy appeals to people with a metaphysical background, while BioSpiritual Healing appeals to people with more traditional beliefs.

    Surrogation utilizes a substitute for someone who is unable to physically participate, either in person or by telephone, in the foregoing processes.

    Angel Card Readings may be added to your session or given separately. The angels give insights to the maze of life through the angel oracle cards.

    Spiritual Mentoring is a form of counseling that supports you in awakening to, or enhancing, your awareness of your Spirit nature. With this awareness, you gain insights into life's experiences, expanding personal growth and development.
  • Philosophy and Comments        

    I know that through recognition and partnership with our Inner Creator, we will achieve personal health, happiness, limitless supply and global peace. I know it is the destiny of the human species to return to the Garden of Eden. When we return is our choice.

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

  • Prearranged, get acquainted telephone consultation - no charge
  • In-person, telephone or surrogated sessions are by appointment and range from one hour to an hour and one-half
  • Fee is $48 for personal sessions and $63 for surrogated sessions
  • Angel card readings and consultations are $10 for each 15 minutes
  • Pro bono sessions are available, upon indication of need
  • Office location is in Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado Springs





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