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Bean Products


Bean Products Inc. is a socially conscious Chicago manufacturer of quality yoga, meditation, pilates, massage tools and accessories as well as natural environmentally friendly comfort, maternity, relaxation and home furnishings.

Profile and Credentials        

We utilize hemp, organic cotton, recycled unbleached cotton, organic buckwheat hulls, recycled poly-fiber from soda bottles, recycled styrene from soda bottles and steam, flaxseed, and organic kapok. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have saved over 5 million soda bottles from entering our land fills!

Philosophy and Comments        

To produce environmentally friendly products that are useful, comfortable, long lasting, and of sustainable materials that are either recycled or renewable and recyclable or biodegradable. We are a long standing member of Co-op America as a green business.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We manufacture, inventory, package, ship so your business can offer more useful items, improve profitability and most important provide for its customers many needs.

Natural Latex Rubber Yoga Mat        

This versatile yoga mat is made of is made of open cell, natural rubber. It is highly durable and has excellent traction even when wet from perspiration offering unequaled non-slip performance. Its natural rubber provides superior cushioning and resilience. . The mat has a strong mesh on the inside so it It won‘t tear or buckle.

Natural rubber is a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees and contains no ozone depleting substances — perfect for yoga practitioners concerned about the environment.

Open Cell Natural Rubber Mat

Long Lasting

Solid non-slip surface minimizes slipping when perspiring during practice.

Tear Resistant

Biodegradable and ecologically desirable

Shiatsu / Thai Massage Mat        

Traditional shiatsu mat made with untreated cotton batting. Wide enough for both the practitioner and the client to stretch out comfortably. 3" of cotton provides a nice thickness for ample cushioning yet light enough to be portable with its roll up ties and attached carrying strap. Perfect for Thai body work and even road trips! Pure cotton washable protective covers are also available.

Whale Stretching Bench        

The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench which derives its name from its elegantly curved profile is a multi use tool designed to stretch and elongate the spine while rejuvenating and energizing the entire body !

How It Works

Whether working at a desk all day or performing some physical task for a living, we are constantly required to bend or hunch forward After a number of years this forced posture begins to take its toll on the back particularly the spinal column. The muscles become tight, the spine begins to loose its graceful S-curve and instead becomes rounded or humped. Sound familiar?

The Whale provides a way to counteract these problems. By positioning oneself in a gentle backbend the spine is stretched in a way opposite to that required by normal everyday activities thus reversing this tendency toward forward rounding.

Traction Effect

Since the weight of the upper and lower body act in opposite directions in the raised back bend position a traction effect is achieved thus elongating the spine. The combination of these two actions called extension greatly reduces vertebrae and disc compression and often relieves associated pain and discomfort as well as improving ones appearance.

Varying the Stretch

By moving up or down the gradually increasing curve one can effectively control the intensity of the stretch while the vulnerable lower back is protected from over extension by the flatter portion of the bench.

An adjustable neck and head rest allows those who need it the additional support required for this area and is removable for those who do not. If preferred this headrest may be placed under the lumbar (lower) spine instead. These features allow The Whale to be used by people with a wide range of flexibility.

Additional Stretches

If desired The Whale also provides for a series of complementary stretches as shown in the accompanying photos. For instance when finishing a backbend, one can slide into a chest and shoulder opening stretch followed by a forward bend. Each posture releases and stretches different joints and muscles allowing a whole routine to be developed on The Whale.

Body workers and Yoga students will love the way The Whale supports their weight allowing them to focus on opening and releasing specific muscle groups.

Rejuvenating Effects

An added bonus of using The Whale is the energizing and rejuvenating effects produced. By extending the spine, releasing tightly held muscles, and increasing blood flow to the brain The Whale often increases ones personal sense of well being. Some people even report having less trouble sleeping with regular usage.

Hardwood Design

The Whale is handcrafted from beautiful hardwoods using a bending and laminating process which results in a light weight yet sturdy design. At only 1'w x 2'h x 5'L and a mere 20 lbs The Whale takes up very little space and can be moved most easily. It adds warmth to any environment and is attractive enough to be displayed as fine furniture in the home.

Comes fully assembled with instructions for use and a 1 year warrenty. In use now for 14 years.

Maternity Pillow        

Our Maternity Pillow is uniquely designed to support the growing belly and the lower back at the same time. It features an adjustable velcro pad between the two support cushions for your personal comfort and convenient carry handles. Made from 100% natural cotton cover and filled with premium hypo allergenic polyfill. Machine washable and dry able. The Maternity Pillow aids in side lying sleep, the prefered position for pregnant woman.

Available in Natural, White, Staph-Chek and Granny Stripe (blue and white ticking stripe).

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