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Kamasi Mahone



2471 Ivydale dr
atlanta, GA 30311
United States


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Bad Mojo



Called that because their music has a certain charisma that gets inside you and makes you want to move. Originated in the Ben hill and East Point communities of Atlanta, Georgia in 1998, the duo consists of two lyricists,
(A.k.a. daSauce- because he goes good on everything) and

Are innovators determined to change the rap game. BLINDMAN, born Dameco Floyd, a 27-year-old lyricist, has a rugged and raw talent with a suave lyrical flow. Kato, born Kamasi Mahone, 25, is also a lyricist with a tantalizing flow and producer of BADMOJO for Beatshopmuzik, an independent production company affiliate of Riverflow Entertainment ran by Jihad Mohammad also an artist.
BADMOJO generates a mixed sound, which has often been referred to as “the Elixir” because their music has the capability to cure and sooth the ill-natured soul. Their style can be classified as hardcore hip-hop with a splash of alternative soul. Their influences are OutKast, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and Scarf ace. because they feel the have had a similar struggle, the will, determination and empowerment of Tupac Shakur, and the styling and long lasting endurance of Driven by the harsh realities of the streets of Atlanta, BADMOJO has a mission to will young minds to become better than just a product of the streets. They want to inspire others and themselves to make a difference through music.
BADMOJO invites you to take a journey into the land of ATL, an underground system of hip-hop that will, one day, rock the universe.
Join us, and let the southwest wizard mix an elixir that will soothe the most untamed beast, the record industry.

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Beatshopmuzik has worked on several projects since establishment in 1999. Those include, two Badmojo Ep’s( Download, Protocol), Jihad’ s “Hellfire” LP, three beatshop mix cds volumes 1-3 and currently in the process of completing Beatshopmuzik, the last in the beatshop mix cd series, along with several other solo projects for underground artist. My production team has already made a name for itself in Atlanta among other underground artist. My motivation is the ever-growing melting pot that is called Atlanta, GA and its burning desire to elevate not just hip-hop and rap but take music itself to the next level of greatness.

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