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Bera Dordoni



Bernalillo, NM 87004
United States
T: (505) 867-5616




Bera Dordoni


Singer/songwriter with focus on inspirational music; 3rd cousin to the famous Al Jolson; performed with late great jazz grammy winner Blue Mitchell; with the late world-famous vibes player Lionel Hampton; records for gospel children's hour "The Puppet Factory" and performs in churches, synagogues, and in concerts. Strong jazz voice.

Profile and Credentials        

Professional singer/songwriter with new CD out entitled "I Have a Choice!" which is to be nominated for a Grammy for 2004 in the Contemporary Gospel category. Also a Naturopathic Doctor, having earned the N.D. degree in 1990, with a book out by same title: "I Have a Choice?!" on which the CD is also based. Both the musical CD and the book teach accepting responsibility for one's own health and life in order to have joy, peace, harmony, health and abundance, and a fulfilling life. The music and book are both fun as well as educational. Dr. Bera sings in churches and temples, concerts, fundraisers for animals, and also teaches classes on how to build the immune system in 3 easy steps.

Philosophy and Comments        

Most of us are not victims of life. We're right where we choose to be at this time, even though we may not yet realize it. We are responsible for our present place in our lives; for our health; for our wealth or lack thereof. If we're unhappy, then we've chosen to be. We don't necessarily have a choice in the circumstances that befall us in life, but we can choose how to respond to them.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Have just moved to NM from California. Am looking for work with some great musicians who need a jazz/gospel singer/songerwriter.





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