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Betty O'Brian



6404 Shore Drive
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
United States
T: 228-257-1946
F: 228-875-8586


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Betty S. O'Brian, ND


Welcome to Pathway Health, the office of Traditional Naturopath, Betty Sue O'Brian. I use digital iridology, sclerology and Rayid to analyze one's inherent and acquired health strengths and weaknesses. I take office appointments and also do analysis over the internet and telephone. Usually, a sesson will take 1-2 hours and the client will leave with diet, exercise, and herbal suggestions.
Topics covered include the following:
Allergies and sinus problems
Digestion and elimination
Immune problems
Parasites and Cleansing
Thyroid and Adrenal
Nutrition: diets, antioidants, constipation, green foods and vitamins

Profile and Credentials        

International Iridology Practitioner Association, Certified Diplomatic Instructor

B.S. minor in Dietetics

B.S. in English

M.S. in English

Master Iridologist, School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, CO

Naturopathic Physician, School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, CO

Master Sclerologist, Jack Tips, Austin, TX

Living Foods Educator, Ann Wigmore Institute, Puerto Rico

Herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar and Darrell Martin

Twenty five years experience in the fields of vitamins, herbs, and natural health.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe first the plant, then the pill, then the knife . . . in other words, we must build the body's vibration using herbs, foods, healing energies, and exercise so that the body can heal itself. I am especially interested in helping young women learn about their bodies; after having two clients in their 20's with breast cancer, I am especially concerned about toxins in the body and poor elimination - elimination through the bowels and through the skin. I often recommend cleansing techniques. Three times a year I offer full body detox programs, also available on line.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment. Please call or email.


Iridology is the study of the iris: God's Little MRI. It gives us insight into the inner workings of the body, our genetics and present time, acquired weaknesses and strengths. It is an invaluable tool for non-invasive insights into one's health.




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