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Bill Foss

Bill Foss


P.O. box 1337
Sedona, AZ, AZ 86339
United States
T: 918-770-3810
F: 888-313-7347


The Records, Akashic Library, Hall of Records, Book of Life or Sky Library

are some of the names that have been given to the Etheric Energy Field of the Earth,

Which contains a record of all past, present, future events and all probable or optional

future events along the event horizon. We are all connected to the planet through our energy fields

and have access to information to the level that we can move conflict, fear and stress out of the way

and be able to journey with our full senses to experience events from past lives, insight into the

reasons we have a current set of circumstances, insight for future events, and how to navigate more

clearly and easily through life. We may want to look at historical events for storytelling or artistic

reference. It is helpful to use an advanced balancing, harmonizing and relaxing meditation

to get into the records. Once there, you will learn to go there more easily and quickly. This is a

wonderful multi-dimensional journey.

The Akashic Records is a like the world wide web. You can find any information about any topic.

Many Ancient races, The Atlanteans and before them the Lemurians, used this system in their

everyday lives. The Spiritual Priests, Masters, and Yogis of Egypt, Tibet, and India, and spiritual

groups and individuals of today use this system for many different benefits.

We are all depositing information of thoughts, words and deeds into this 'Sky Library'

constantly. Fewer people have had access to these great banks of knowledge.

Now you have the opportunity to see beyond the veil of physical reality into the ethers

and access not only your own soul but all thoughts , words and actions of all lifetimes,

as well as any events in history and possibilities for the future.

Profile and Credentials        

I'm an Artist, Musician and Teacher from Arizona, and have been studying the Akashic Records for 15 years. Through my spiritual practices and creative processes of art & music, I was lead into teaching people in one on one sessions and weekend seminars to access

the Akashic Records, by holding a space for them to journey and by using advanced eastern techniques such as kundalini breathing, some of the kriyas, and chi-gong along with other practices to release conflict and stress in the body and have a full spectrum experience while you are journeying in and getting your own information. This is the best way to approach the records. All akashic records readings are divinely ordered and good for the individual,although the best

way is to access with direction and help with interpreting the visions, symbols and information. You then are on your way to having access more readily and more of the time. This will gretly help develop your intuitive skills. GREAT for healers of all kinds, Artists, musicians, teachers and business groups. Great for all walks of life, past life work, healing and manifesting.

International Artist, Bill Foss,

is displaying selected works of art

in Sedona and Scottsdale Arizona. Foss has sold over 40 paintings in the last

2 years in Austria, Germany, Panama, London, Amsterdam, Japan, Poland and

Peru to serious collectors of his work.

His new styles 'Soul Portraits', 'Spirit of Art','Foss Fountains' and 'Divine Sculptures'

are gaining international momentum. Working with copper, and other metals,

have lent themselves to new 3 dimensional styles incorporating geometries,

spiritual icons, as well as lights, water and sound.

Currently Bill also travels the country and abroad giving lectures, seminars and

workshops on the Akashic Records and other forms of meditation and energy work.

The International Wesak Festival Vienna Austria 2008-09

the New York Metropolitan Arts Exhibit,

The San Fransisco Palace of Fine Arts,

San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas. Florida, and Arkansas galleries,

NAAM Convention, Anahein,CA,

Phoenix Art Detours and First Fridays.

A co-founder of the historic arts cooperative, 'The Atery' in metro Phoenix

and Inspired by the works of Alex Grey, Salvador Dali,

and others. Bill quotes " The amazing aspect of art is the unique ability to

translate to the viewer a personal story that reminds us of the simple joys

in life and inspires us all to open to our unique levels of creativity."

Works of art on display are for sale and commissioned works are welcome.

Contact Bill at www.billfossworld.com bill@billfossworld.com mobile 918-770-3810

Philosophy and Comments        

Would I travel across the world if it meant that I could help one soul

become realized or enlightened? Yes. As one of my teachers put into words something I once felt: 'we may have only come to simply help one great soul in a single moment that would direct them onto the path...'

Helping people to open to their true nature is of the highest order of business here in this realm. If I can be of service with my Art, Music,

and Akakshic Journeys Seminars then all the better. This is my calling,

Comments on the Soul Portraits on copper:

These paintings are divinely guided. The copper is able to hold a charge of energy, so as I start a portrait for someone, I go into meditation, connecting with your spirit guides, your soul and God,

and ask pfor direction in painting you portrait. The finished painting has an energy about it to help you heal, shift, and raise your vibration. I acts as a doorway and a window. I also create mandalas and chakra charts traditional or personalized.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call or send message to schedule a private phone session or in person

private Akashic Journey is $200 and usually lasts 2-2.5 hrs.

Call or write to inquire about holding an Akakshic Journeys Seminar

with art and music also available

Super Divine        

A 2 CD set featuring:

CD #1 of spiritual meditative selections,

including a powerul rendition of Om mani padme hum, and 'Essence'

CD #2 includes a 45 minute powerful chakra release,balancing and healing tool which goes through all the chakras base to crown,

and then a 30 minute colorful Akakshic Records Journey!

And a Divine Invocation to bring in the Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides* A Great way to start or end the day.

What you can experience from an Akashic Journey        

Benefits gained by Reading the Akashic Records or 'Sky Library'

This ancient and timeless system has many effects

on the human consciousness as well as the physical body,

and energy systems. Here is a list of some of the gifts

1. You will move conflict out of the way of the mind,

looking deeply and quietly past the day to day worries and frustrations,

attaining peace of the mind, once this is conceived it will be easy to go there with practice.

2. You will learn to access the world wide web of the inner plane and gain access to information

which benefits you at the highest level.

3. You will learn meditation and breathing techniques which will stimulate or 'turn on' the

inner vision. and other senses, (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch)

4. You will have access to work with your spirit guides (those energetic beings who have agreed

to accompany your soul journey) and get to know them better on the other side, and be able to contact them

more readily.

5. Reading the Records will naturally take you into the 'Over Soul' position of consciousness which

can be a much more expanded and connected view.

6. You will be able to use the records and information to understand karmic life events, and how to change


7. You will be able to gain insight and heal emotional wounds that may sometimes affect the physical body.

8. You will have access to the same information used by all the great yogis, avatars, masters and teachers

of our planet and other worlds

9. You will be able to view past lives and future lives, or the immediate future and how to approach it.

10. You will have access to the true occurrence of any historical event in detail beyond what is recorded

in books.

Journey To the Akasha        

CD Features:

1. "On the Wings of Love" instrumental meditation

Chris Billotti - Bass and Ebow, Bill Foss- Guitars

2. "Journey to Atlantis"

A Powerful 35 minute guided meditation and journey for healing as we fly to the ancient center of Atlantis and looking into the Soul's Purpose divining information past, present and future for porposes of self study. Accessing the Akasha's light energy library, light energy symbologies for healing and more.....

3. "Shamanic Journey"

This is a powerful and unique blend of Akashic sky based energy and shamanic earth based energy. You can feel a shift and difference between the two journeys as we fly into another time and space where normal dynamics no longer exist. We will meet many earth keepers and most likely some animal and native american guides. As we travel to several ancient South American and Peruvian sites including Machu Pichu.

Once again we will access healing energies through the earth, sky library, and light codes of the Akasha.


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